UC Davis Study Abroad Photo Contest: Finalists

Congratulations to all Study Abroad Photo Contest finalists!

Voting has officially concluded. 

The 2018 Study Abroad Photo Contest Winner:

Andrew B Nguyen (Congrats Andrew!)

(Click on photo to see full resolution)

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Hiking the French Alps by Limheng Sung

Study Abroad Program: UC Davis Summer Abroad, Grand Tour

“Hiking the French alps, Aiguille du midi Mont Blanc, with our guide.”


Kyoto at Night by Nathan Flohr

Study Abroad Program: UCEAP Japan

“At night in Kyoto.”


The Twelve Apostles by Beijo Lee

Study Abroad Program: UC Davis Quarter Abroad Australia

These are only 2 out of the 12 limestone stacks.”


Nyhavn Harbor by Andrew B Nguyen

Study Abroad Program: UCEAP Germany

“I stumbled upon this beautiful harbor after spending the day walking around Copenhagen.”


Biking Goals by Yuncon Tu

Study Abroad Program: UC Davis Summer Abroad, “Sustainable Cities of Northern Europe”

This was the last bike tour in Freiburg, Germany and throughout the whole trip we struggled to ride in a single file line. Finally, on our last day with bikes together, we got it right. It was raining earlier and as we ended the bike tour there was a very nice sunset. No better way to end our last bike ride together as a class.”

Secret Waterfall by Trevor Metz

Study Abroad Program: UC Davis Summer Abroad Iceland, “Thermodynamics”

Our professor hinted at this secret location telling us that it was worth the trek through the flooded cave. I couldn't have agreed more, this place was so picturesque that I just had to snap a shot of Savannah and Roland appreciating the falls.”

Hallstatt by Andrew B Nguyen

Study Abroad Program: UCEAP Germany

“I took the 5am train from Salzburg just so I could visit Hallstatt in the early morning hours when the town was still quiet.”


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