Why I Chose To Finish My Finance Studies in Germany

From an early age, I have always wanted to experience the culture of other European countries and have always been fascinated with the opportunities that modern day Germany has to offer. it is because of this, that I chose to continue my finance studies in Germany. l am originally from Manchester, but am now a resident in the US, and feel that with everything that is happening with the EU at the moment, if not now, then when would I put this into place? I would be much happier if I had the opportunity to experience studying in a different European country before it becomes much more difficult. 

The benefits I've found: 

As friends and family members around me have chosen to travel the world and to have exciting adventures and new experiences. This is something that I've also always wanted to experience, so the memories alone were benefits enough for me. As well as making memories and having these experiences, I also wanted to be able to strengthen my ability to speak a foreign language, as this could make me more employable after I have graduated, and with Germany having one of the fourth largest economies in the world there is lots of opportunity to enter into the working world if you can speak German.

Broadening my perspective: 

The thing about being an international student is that you will come into contact with so many different cultures, nationalities and personalities. This is one of the main reasons that I chose to study abroad, I find that the more people you speak to and expose yourself to, the better an understanding of the world you will have. As well as the people you make friends with, I find that it's equally as important to gain a real understanding of the country you are studying in. Traditionally, and historically, Germany has different fiscal policies to the UK, favouring a debt-free society. Being surrounded by this ideology really does have a good understanding of the economy, which will only benefit me in the working world after I have graduated. 

Student visa

The German student visa process is much like the UK visa process, you will firstly need to present your acceptance letter with your place at a German university, as well as this I also needed to prove that I have the funding to be able to stay in Germany throughout my period of study. Fees and funding can be quite high, but many international students need to be aware that there are actually scholarship programmes and financial aid that can be granted to them. This is something that I was fortunate enough to be accepted for, which has significantly reduced my fees. I would recommend getting to anybody who is making a student visa application. I used the UK Visa specialists for my US-Germany study trip. 

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