So after the hectic time of doing lab reports...some of us went on a trip to Taroko Gorge! The professor did most of the planning and at 5am in the morning, we all headed out to take the bullet train to Hualien. The train ride there was scenic...until I fell asleep since we woke up so early. Once we arrived at Hualien, our tour guide picked us up and took us to some landmarks in the area. This tour was better than pingxi in my opinion just because it was one tour guide and a group of 12 people. Overall, the tour was fun and it allowed us to see some of the major attractions in Hualien. After the tour was over, we were dropped off at our home stay. We stayed in a house that was run by a local there who was apart of the taroko tribe. The next day we woke up at 6am to go bike around the pacific ocean! The bike ride was very pleasant and we got to see great views. What was nice was that the owner of the house we stayed at guided us! He stopped frequently and pointed out the scenic view and told us about some history of the taroko people. We also took lots of pictures! After the bike tour, we ate breakfast at our home stay and relaxed for a bit. Then once we were all charged up, we headed out to Taroko gorge. Sadly, due to time...we were able to hike only one trail, but it was rewarding with the view at the end. After, we headed back to Hualien via bullet train and then went to a local night market to kill time until our train back to taipei arrived. Overall, the trip was super fun; however one down side was that I got 50 bug bites on my legs! So throughout the trip, my legs were itching like crazy!

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