It was drizzling and gloomy outside. There is a paint color at Color Me Mine called London Fog and it is the perfect shade of grey. Last time I was in London there was a heat wave and I feel like this is the first time I captured the true essence of the city. Rain changes every sensory detail in London from the smell to the sounds. The city noises became rain falling in the collecting puddles, water under the car ‘tyer’s and thunder booming. And wow, it really messes up my hair. I was about to cross a street, when a truck came along sending a wall of water my way. I felt like I was in a movie.

 We listened to a guest lecturer from the University of College London who spoke about bioinformatics and gene ontology. This is more of the computer science and database side of genomics that has a huge influence on making a common language for research and easy accessibility to others. Pretty much any new research project would ultimately end up using this database at some point. I would love to master using these available tools for my work down the line, but do not really see it as a biotechnology career emphasis for me. The UCL layout was spaced out through the city with a more San Francisco vibe that absolutely lacked Davis’s cluster of campus and homey feel. It was nice to see and tour, but I miss Davis.

We spent the rest of the day in one of my favorite parts of London, The Camden Market. It is a quaint little cultural melting pot of different foods and crafts. We spent the evening walking through the market and trying all the different samples of mouthwatering food. The lady I bought my dinner from knew I was from California because I was, “happy and smiling.” I think that’s a good thing, but I was trying to blend in. I sure was happy to sink my teeth into an amazing potato roti wrap with a cold Dr. Pepper.

After the bus ride back to Cambridge through the wet English countryside, I called it a night and have been listening to the gentle sounds of the rain and wind outside my window.

Bye for now,


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