Alright it has been a few days, maybe weeks. My first week of classes are coming to an end, well technically not, but I'm bringing them to an end by leaving tomorrow (I'll talk about that later).

Let's start with the never ending adventure of attempting to find my Spanish textbook. Apparently, all of Barcelona is sold out of this textbook, however I found this out after visiting 5 different stores around the city by walking for four hours.  Also, did I mention my spanish class is in a different classroom every single day for the rest of the quarter? As if it's not hard enough to find classrooms! I don't mind getting lost on campus though.

Oh but before that, last week a few of us decided to take a train to the city of Girona. It's about an hour and a half north of Barcelona, but still in Catalunya. That's definitely made very obvious by the separatist movement that Catalunya is currently undertaking. It's amazing to be able to observe the political movement at its height right in the center of it all.

A few days ago we decided to take a trip up Tibidabo mountain that sits behind the city. It was probably one of the best city views I have ever seen. The only thing on the top of the mountain was a Catholic cathedral, a telecommunications tower, and an amusement park...apparently the Catholic church had heard rumors of a planned Protestant church to be built on top of the mountain so they bought up all the land and built a church of their own. 10 points for the Vatican!

As of yesterday I decided I wanted to leave the country this weekend, so last night at 2am we made the decision to buy tickets to Berlin that leave tomorrow! While on my impulse buying spree on RyanAir, I also decided to buy a flight to Fez, Morocco in a few weeks. Oh yeah and Lisbon, Portugal is next weekend. I'm really excited to explore each of the cities in the coming weeks. It's definitely going to be a tiring adventure, but it will be well worth it in the end.

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Comment by Erin Golackson on January 22, 2014 at 9:35am

Chris! Sounds like you are having an amazing time! Late night RyanAir shopping sprees are the best. I approve! :)

I'm jealous (in the good kind of way); we all miss you here!




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