Today, Olympia.


I woke up early to the beautiful sound of saws grinding and hammers...hammering into the wall behind my head.  Apparently nothing here opens before 10am, but construction starts at 7 :)  It's really a very smart thing, I think.


No worries, however.  I took the time to get dressed and pack away what I hadn't packed last night, and then headed into town to pick up some fruit and granola bars to eat on the trip.  We all loaded onto the bus by 11:30 and started the drive, which took maybe 4 hours with a couple of short stops.  Because my ankles are pretty much slaughtered from the stairs yesterday, I was glad to sit on the bus all day!  Since we are only staying in Olympia for one night, we all packed a small backpack or overnight bag with just the stuff that we will need at the hotel, and left our large bags on the bus.


We got into Olympia around 3:30, and are staying at a hotel called Hotel Antonio.  It's a very fancy hotel, with a beautiful pool and downstairs lobby.  After settling in, a large group of us decided to walk into town and see what we could find.  Some were hungry and others (like me!) were simply curious.  Two of the other girls and I went into all the shops to scope out the deals--and we found some great ones on jewelry and other things.  I got something for Emily and Joey (finally!), a tank top that I had been wanting for a while, and a ring. The highlight of the trip was going into the store where the owner proudly declared to anyone who would listen how he had carried the olympic torch during the games in Georgia...and he signed a photograph for each of us.  Nevermind that he wasn't even the one carrying the torch in the picture...he was just running next to the guy who was carrying the torch! :)  It was funny, anyway.


After exploring I came back to the hotel and jumped in the pool for about 20 minutes before showering and heading out for dinner.  I had spaghetti with some chicken; my stomach hasn't been handling the heat very well, so I wanted something "normal" and easy to digest.  We then all walked off dinner by doing some night shopping before returning to the hotel to talk to loved ones, read, shower, and do whatever else we need to before we leave tomorrow.  We will be running the stadium at Olympia tomorrow, which I am really looking forward to.  I'm hoping to wake up a little early tomorrow and take a walk through the town and take some photographs, as well as have a relaxing breakfast.  We are leaving at 10:15 and after Olympia will go to our final island...Kefalonia...



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