Well hey there!  It seems I haven't posted in a few days, thanks to the on again off again relationship I was having with my internet back at the hotel in Hydra.  However, we are now off the island and in Nafplion, and with the help of an ethernet cable, I once again am connected!


Perhaps I should rewind and summarize a little.

We had the weekend free in Hydra, and it was blissful.  On Saturday I slept in until 11 and finished up a rough draft of my essay (due tomorrow).  Then most of the class decided to walk to the beach at Mira Mare, which is about 20-25 minutes on a very hilly, tiring, and hot road.  We made it though, and laid out on the sand...(which was still rocky) for about 2 minutes, because it was piping hot!  So we all made a mad dash for the water...well in my case a slow, carefully plotted crawl, seeing as the sea bottom was covered in gross plants and slimy things and who knows what else!  It reminded me more of a lake bottom than the ocean (which, I guess it's not technically an ocean...).  Once out in the water though it was really relaxing and cool to swim and some of the girls had goggles to look at little fish that were swimming around.  There was this huge floating trampoline on the water--think of a giant inner tube, but the inside is a trampoline.  Five of us could go on it at a time, and we had lots of fun taking turns jumping and flipping into the water!  I only did it once, because immediately upon landing the insides of my mouth, throat, nose, and eyes were filled with burning salt.  Oops!


After swimming, we headed back to shore and laid out on the sand, trying to avoid being eaten by giant killer wasps and weird jumping/flying tick bugs.  It was a pretty packed beach, with lots of rows of shade structures and a large bar/restaurant area that was playing some pretty interesting mashups of American music.  We only stayed in the sun for about an hour because it was so hot, and then decided to walk back for good exercise (stopped for ice cream on the way though!)


That evening was pretty typical--shower, a late dinner, and perusing the shops until they closed around 11pm. 


Sunday was even more laid back than Saturday; woke up at 11 again, did some reading and wandering on my own (souvlaki lunch).  I tried to visit Coach's cousin's shop again, but the woman working there told me that neither his cousin or aunt comes by much during the summer :(  Bummer!

I also did laundry and packed.  The souvenirs I purchased in Hydra were a set of beautiful handpainted plates, two pairs of shoes, some handmade soaps (they smell amazing!), and incense sticks, and some small handmade candles.  Not bad for only a few days!


This morning we left at 9 to go to Nafplion in the Peloponnese.  We all squished into the front section fo the "flying dolphin" for an aprox. 50 minute trip to Ermioni, where we boarded a large tour bus.  The flying dolphin was extremely bumpy and wild!  But nobody threw up, so I guess that's good :)

The bus ride was also a bit nauseating.  We made a stop at the ancient theater of Epidauros, which is basically like any normal stone theater here, but if you stand in the center of the stage and speak people way in the back row can hear you easily.  It is like an ancient microphone!  Pretty cool.


After that visit, we drove another hour to our hotel, Hotel Park, in Nafplion.  The hotel here has gone some recent renovations and is very nice, plus I have better internet.  And the AC is great!

I was feeling a little sick when we got in from all the windy driving and the heat and everything, so I decided to take shower and a nap while most everyone else went to get souvlaki for lunch.  After a great sleep, I took to the streets on my own and found a little place to have souvlaki right before class.

After 2 hours of class, and a little time on the internet, I'm right here, posting this update!  Tomorrow we have two field trips planned for Mycaene (spelling?) and then to an archaeological site of an athletic complex.  Should be a full day, with class in the evening and another field trip on Wednesday. 


There is a lot more information about all of these places and sites I've mentioned, but I just wanted to get a quick overview up so I wouldn't be too behind from the weekend!  More pictures are coming as well!


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Comment by Nadine Custis on July 12, 2011 at 11:26am
I work at the Education Abroad Center in Davis and helped take in all the applications for the summer abroad programs...it's awesome to see how it all came to life since you guys have been there.  Keep sharing stories!  Wish I could be in Greece too, but I guess I'll just live vicariously :)




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