Life is short. I challenge you all to do something you otherwise wouldn't.

Since I turned twenty five in 2009 I have been doing a lot of soul searching. Many of you have known me since then (or longer!) and may remember the deep existential crisis that I was facing. I had a "successful job" where I could afford to do pretty much whatever, I had been financially independent and living on my own for four years (the first of all my friends, much to their jealousy), and had great friends that I wasted my money with. Without a college education I was making $30,000 a year and considered to be a middle class American.

But I was miserable.

I hated working for The Man in corporate America, being used and drained for the financial gain of others that didn't work nearly as hard as I did.

I decided to go back to school because the last time I remembered myself being truly happy was in the classroom. I went to my local community college and worked hard, earning a 4.0, induction into an international honors society (of which I became chapter president), and transferred to to UC Davis. I graduate in two weeks, and I am so proud of the choices I have made and the path that I am on. 

Since taking a chance on myself and doing what makes me happy I have completely altered the course of my life. I have passion and joy again, and look at the world with wonder and amazement. I have always wanted to travel but never made the time, which looking back on that fact now is a shame since I ate and drank away more than a few potential vacations. It was not until I took that chance that I decided to make travel a priority. I spent last summer in Scotland on the Scottish Tales Summer Abroad program and that chance was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. EVER. I got to see the beauty in the world and awoke a passion and wanderlust. I know I want to see the world, and I want to make a difference... change the world for the better. This summer I am finishing my undergraduate career in Peru on the History of the Andean Region Summer Abroad program and will spend an additional two months backpacking South America and volunteering time to give to others that are not afforded the same opportunities I have by simply being born in the United States.

So why am I telling all of you my life story?

Click this link for an inspiring article.

The reality is, time is the truest form of wealth. We are all born equally rich in time and spend the rest of our lives chasing a superficial wealth and superficial activities for the sake of living within a society that feeds on it’s own delusions.

We are born into a society filled with scared people who tell you that something is impossible, just because they think it is, and children start to believe this to be true and they doubt themselves. Whether you think something is possible or think something is impossible, you’re right.

We all have a finite time here on this Earth, and we are all indoctrinated to think that there is a given path for us to follow in order to have The Life - you know.. the white picket fence, 2.6 children. If you want that... great! But many of us want more, but because of societal expectations we do not act on these desires. We settle. We become complacent. And on our deathbeds we will regret the chances we do not take.

I challenge each of you to pick one thing that you have always wanted to do... and do it. Post about it here, share with us, get ideas. But get out there. Live. Do. See. Be. 

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