I think i mentioned this in every single one of my posts just because I definitely want to make sure that it is known that Japan doesn't have wifi !! However, there are some few places that does offer wifi such as your school campus :D However, at ICU it was made mainly for iphone rather than android so in the end I couldn't really get internet on my phone. It worked on my friends' phones though so I guess it just depends. I had a Samsung Galaxy S3 at the time just fyi. The main reason as to why there's no wifi in Japan is because before such thing became popular in the US many Japanese already have internet as part of their phone plans so there was no need for wifi to be offered by stores or public places. Fortunately, Starbucks is one of the rare places that does offer access to wifi 

You must first make an account here :


Make sure you write down your log in ID and password because my friends and I spent a good 1 hour trying to access to the internet by trying different IDs and passwords because we forgot it :[ . 

They will send you a typical confirmation email after you signed up and the next time you're at a Starbucks you can connect to the wifi, it should be pretty obvious what the sever is. 


Keep in mind that this is mostly for the Tokyo area and Starbucks location that is on its own. This means that if the starbucks is part of a department or inside a building it might not be offering this service. I know that the Shibuya's Starbucks the one in the music store doesn't offer it but apparently there's a store nearby there where it is its own store but I didn't have the chance to check it out.

Other options:

Manga kissa is a perfect place is gain access to wifi and internet there's a small cost for it but the main problem with that is you need to create a membership and it might be difficult to make one if you're not very proficient in Japanese ( it is not impossible though, Japanese friends ftw ) Even if you don't need wifi, manga kissa is a great place to visit, it has gigantic collection of manga, dart games, pool, all you can drink ( hot chocolate, juice , etc ) . 

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Comment by Bryan Steele on May 20, 2013 at 8:26am

I'm planning a trip to Japan, and this is really helpful!




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