Golf has its origins in Scotland, and my student flat is opposite Bruntsfield Links - the oldest short-hole golf course in the world and one of the few remaining free golf courses in the world!

The pub next door to our dorms, Golf Tavern, was established in 1456 when a business license was issued for a hotel called the Golf Hotel. Since the hotel refers to golf, it is assumed that golf has been playing in this space for over five hundred years!

Golf is a pastoral game and originated in areas where sheep herders would bring their sheep to graze, and according to our professor it was something to pass the time while the animals did their thing. The hazards in modern golf (sandtraps, water) have their origins in how golf was originally played on the "land nobody wanted."

Since golf is an integral aspect of Scottish culture, we read Golf in the Kingdom by Michael Murphy and has a discussion about the origins of golf (as well as life and how to find meaning). Once class was finished, we went to Bruntsfield to play nine holes of golf - and with the rain it was a truly Scottish day!

The course is also in a stunning location with views of both Edinburgh Castle (above) and Arthur's Seat (not pictured)!

This is a horrible picture of me - I swear I am hunched over like an old hag and my form is terrible - but it was a lot of fun! I generally do not like or enjoy activities which I am not good at (I vividly remember stinking so bad at mini golf in high school that I cheated), so I was not expecting to enjoy myself. Much to my surprise, once I stopped trying to do well I not only had a lot more fun, but I also improved! I am hoping to go golfing a few more times before we move from the flats because it is right there and so much fun! I found it to be rather relaxing.

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