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My favorite part about studying in Germany is that there is no homework, no participation points and no attendance list. That being said, when all of your classes are taught in German, you have to go to class! The down side to all of this, although it does sound pretty sweet, is that I only have one or two things being graded for each class: presentations and essays IN GERMAN that are worth my entire grade.

I have a presentation coming up in the next week or two and am beginning to stress a bit. A 20-minute analyzation in front of a class all in German? Can I do this? Talk about editing and flashcard making. There is, however, a light at the end of the very dark and seemingly long tunnel. This is my least favorite class and once I have presented my Referat (presentation) I am no longer required to attend class, which means 5 free days a week! It's like the opposite to a normal work day :)

I can't wait for this to be over with so that I can begin to work on my other class presentations. Wish me luck, and I hope all of you do as well on your finals as I am hoping to do!



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Comment by Erin Babich on June 5, 2012 at 12:11am

Yes they are! Fortunately, my professor kept telling us that our Referat looked so amazing and that we did a very good job. Best news that I've heard from a Professor so far :) That's awful to hear! Sometimes German Professors can be a bit difficult to deal with!

Comment by Judy Hanna on May 22, 2012 at 11:01pm

Are your Referate really graded? When I was in Berlin, I had only one Referat the entire year that was graded, and the professor was Australian, rather than German. :P I do remember the stress of researching for them and then presenting them to the class, though. My worst one, I spent two weeks in the library, practically from sun-up to sun-down, and even talked to my professor in his office hours. Then, when I got up and gave my talk, my professor sat there quietly until the end, then said, "Ich verstehe, was Sie meinen, aber Sie sind falsch." It was SO embarrassing, but at least my grade didn't depend on it! Hopefully the same doesn't happen to you! Hals- und Beinbruch!




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