First Day of Class or Don't Go To A Buffet For Lunch


Wednesday was our first day of classes, and can I just say how lucky I think we have it in Sydney. Three days out of the quarter (on Wednesday at 9 am) we meet with Mark Prior who teaches an interning abroad writing class. At least I think that’s what he teaches. Since all of our classes are writing related and taught on the same day, they start to blur together. But does it really matter? We only see him three times over these ten weeks! Mostly we’re just required to complete weekly writing assignments online. I’m not complaining.

Next up is class taught by Amy (our professor who travelled with us from Davis!) in two three hour blocks, and oh, for the love of god, are those three hour blocks painful. I can barely manage to stretch my attention across the 50 minute classes at Davis (and those 80 minute classes??? UGH!), let alone 180. But… Amy is lovely and she’s making it easy for all of us to at least get a B in the class as long as we complete all the work. (Our final class on Friday mornings is something I haven’t experienced yet. I hear they’re mostly fieldtrips. I’ll let you know.)

So, in sum, Wednesday morning we met Mark, then we had class with Amy, then we had a two hour lunch break, then we returned to class with Amy. And now I feel I must address lunch because I sort of mentioned it in the title. Down the street from class, a friend found an Indian restaurant that offers $10 all-you-can-eat buffet lunches. The lot of us turned into rabid wolves and consumed more food than the poor owners accounted for. Good old Americans. The only downside was that our bulging bellies made staying awake in class nearly impossible, and we found ourselves desperately attempting not to allow our heads to slam down on the tables. Right then.

All in all, our professors are treating us kindly. They understand we are here to experience Sydney more than we are to study, and it seems the load will be kept light. That’s more than enough for now.

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