I found my new sunday morning ritual 

Today we went to El Rastro, which is a huge flee market they have every sunday morning . They sell everything and anything. There were genuine leather goods, shoes, bags, belts, clothes, scarves, jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and nicknacks. Some of the venders sell new goods and others have estate sales. 

Waiting for the metro with Rachel, my roomie. On the way to El Rastro

We arrived at 10:00am and started wondering around, not aware of how big this thing actually was. We started at one end from where the metro let us off and went vendor to vendor, checking everything out. It continued from block to block and each new booth kept our attention. I loved the hand made and printing leather bags but couldn't bring myself to drop 25-40 euros on one. I did a lot of window shopping... minus the windows.. to scope it all out. The goods they have are definitely cheeper than stores and they have a lot of things that I haven't even seen in any stores. I'm thinking it is where I'm going to get most of my present to bring home :D. I took some mental notes so I can divide and conquer next week.

Rocking my shoes in the streets of Madrid

Buuttt I couldn't leave empty handed...

I found some heels (I know... slap my wrist) BUT they were only 6 euro and real leather! Needless to say I'm in love haha. Blame it on the women here. They are all so chic and I feel like I have to keep up! You know.. trying to immerse myself. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. This rant is more to justify buying them to myself then to you all. So, I'll move on.

I also bought a watch at a little store on the way home from El Rastro. Every time I look at the time and whip out my iPhone, (which has recently been used as a camera than a working phone,) I feel I'm asking for it to be stolen. So hopefully, this watch is preventing a possible future problem followed by a  melt-down by yours truly. 

By 1:00, it was so busy, I felt like sheep being hurdded (sp?) through the maze of streets, shoulder to shoulder with what seemed like the whole city of Madrid. We couldn't move more than a shuffle at a time. God forbid cut across the steady stream of people to check something out at a vendor. So we called it quits, with promises to come earlier next week. I recommend that if you are ever in Madrid during a sunday morning, stop at El Rastro for the best flee market I've ever been too.

After, we stopped for bocadillos -story of my life now-a-days- for a little snack before returning home. Upon returning home, my house moms had paella waiting for us. They told us it is tradition to eat it every sunday so I'm looking forward to that! It is a traditional spanish dish made with rice, veggies, chicken and shrimp and I'm not sure exactly what else. I do know that there is definitely a large dose of deliciousness added! MMMmmmm

Again, the program requires the home stays to provide breakfast and dinner, but our moms make us lunch whenever we are home. If we aren't, they at least send us to school with a bocadillo. They are honestly the sweetest ever. I feel this blog may turn into an ode to them. At the least, my love for them will be a common theme.

Now, I am blogging from the balcony watching people walk by on the city streets below. I took a quick break from studying, but I DO have a midterm tomorrow. I better get back to it. But what a wonderful way to end the weekend. 

And I haven't even told you everything I did either! :)

Hasta luego

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