Day 2

Today I made the trek through the peaceful English country side to Cambridge. It was out of a fairytale it was so perfect. This city is basically the Davis of England- it’s a bike town, a small college town, and a cow town. What’s not to love?

Cambridge is just as I had imagined it to be; it has winding cobble streets, white paned windows, markets, and sprawling gardens. (I did not expect the very grandeur mall that was built in this century.)  We started off the day with lunch at the Eagle Pub where I had my first beer. My brother would hate me to say this, but I know nothing about beer; so I ordered the beer that had the coolest name, “Eagle’s DNA.” The food was very good and the fish and chips practically melted in your mouth. This pub is home to Watson and Crick’s announcement, “we have discovered the secret of life.” A slightly ambiguous claim since they really only discovered the shape. A plaque resides on the wall where they made this announcement and to my excitement, there is another plaque to honor Rosalind Franklin who helped unravel the mystery of the double helix. Rosalind Franklin. My role model. And her plaque. In the Eagle Pub. *Heavy breathing*

We checked into Clare College and moved our luggage the last time for the next two weeks. The dorms are about three times the size of our freshman Davis dorm and has two bedrooms. Besides the dramatic size difference, it felt like the first day of college all over again- and in a way it was. I get to meet 20 new people from the UC system that have so much in common with me and are all interested in science. By the end of our super fancy welcome dinner, I knew I would love all of them already. The college nicely provided me with vegetarian alternatives, but the dessert was out of this world. I think I died a little and now I will be in the Cambridge Ghost Tour.

After dinner, our teaching assistant showed us around Cambridge and we concluded our night at a nearby club. I got my groove on with the ever popular sprinkler and lawn mower (I was advised not to do the worm because the floor was “dirty”) and then left to get a good night’s sleep which I had been struggling with since I arrived. If you didn’t know, this is pretty unusual since I can pretty much sleep just about anytime, anywhere.

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