I really can’t believe it’s already been 11 days.

Time keeps going by too fast, and even though I’m trying to enjoy it all, I’m learning that 4 weeks for a class is really intense. It feels like it’s been nonstop for the past 3 days because, well, it basically has been.

These first few days have been split up in almost the same way: breakfast, class, tea break(!), class, lunch, class, tea and coffee break, and then tutoring/”free” time. That “free” time is basically time to try to finish the homework we have for that day before dinner later. It hasn’t been too bad but I’m finding myself starting to get behind on contacting friends and family, keeping up this blog, uploading pictures, etc. All the little things I wanted to do on this trip are suddenly at the bottom of my priority list.

However, despite the strict schedule, I’m actually really enjoying school right now. Cambridge has this environment that makes you want to sit on a bench in the garden and study; it makes you want to learn and absorb all the knowledge you can, and it’s honestly keeping me going. I wish I was as passionate about school all the time as I am right now. It might be the school, or it might be subject. The basics of genetics are coming so easy for me, and I might be my love for it, my previous background knowledge of it, or just my natural ability to understand it, and I’d like to think it’s a combination of all three. Through grasping all the concepts so quickly, I feel like I chose the right subject to major in, and essentially the right career for me. And, of course, that’s been a wonderful feeling and a big motivation.

The people that I’m on this trip on have been so nice and welcoming, just like the university. The other students in the program are fun and adventurous and want to explore the city as much as I do. I met a graduate student who went to Davis for her undergraduate degree, went on this same study abroad trip, and now goes to Cambridge for a master’s program (ultimate goals to be honest). Everyone I meet is just as passionate about genetics, or some similar subject, as I am and that has also been motivation for this trip as well.

Yesterday was spent all in class and so I won’t go into detail about that, but today we visited a plant biology lab in Cambridge and botanical gardens. It was a big emphasis on plant genetics, and I was able to apply the things I’ve learned about plant biology in my previous classes to the tours. It was nice to get out of the classroom for a bit and I’m excited for our upcoming visits to museums, labs, and day trips.

As it’s nearing my two week mark, it’s hard to realize just how fast this trip is going by. I know that too soon I’ll be back at school but I think this trip has really reestablished my love for college and education, and of course genetics, so going back to school won’t be so bad. But I can already tell I’m going to miss Cambridge and the people I’ve met that I wouldn’t mind if we were here another month or so rather than just 3 more weeks.

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