Burgos is celebrating its annual fiesta for San Pedro and San Pablo from June 28th to July 6. The city comes alive every day with tapas, fireworks, concerts, and more. Today our professor brought us tickets to see the bullfight about 10 minutes away from our dorms. Though I don't entirely condone bullfighting, it was interesting to see an iconic Spanish event. 

In the evening, we spent time in the plaza mayor listening to a concert with songs from the musical Grease. Across from the stage is the beautiful Catedral de Burgos. 

We are studying this Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral in our Spanish art class here in Burgos. It is amazing to see so much history and art incorporated into the daily lives of the people of Burgos. I hope to attend mass in this cathedral before I leave.

We also met up with some other students staying in the dorms for churros y chocolate. This dish is sometimes referred to as the Spanish doughnut and it is similar to Mexican churros, but with less sugar and no cinnamon. It also comes with a cup of melted chocolate that you use to dip the churro in. For only a couple euros, it's a nice treat to have after dinner!

Con todo mi cariño,



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