an ABC studying abroad in China. Why? Part 1

Within a blink of an eye, the one year study abroad experience just passed like that. As an ABC(American-born Chinese), I have visited China a few times before. So I wasn't exactly too worried about getting fully adjusted to the food. I remember before orientation started, I traveled to Shanghai for a few days with my mother. As soon as i stepped out of the plane, the hail of humidness rushed throughout my body and I thought to myself, "I'm home". The home that my parents have once lived on. Let me introduce myself before I unveil all the juicy details about my study abroad experience. My name is Mason He, 21 years old, a 4th year, and I can speak 3 languages: English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. The reason why I chose to study abroad in China is because I wanted to take advanced courses in a Chinese host university(I'm a Chinese major afterall) so I wanted to improve my Mandarin and learn more about Chinese culture(traditions, clothes, lifestyle, electronics, business, markets, economy, etc) Now to tell you the truth, I knew zero Mandarin until I started to take Mandarin classes in my first year of college. My parents are from Guangzhou and they spoke Cantonese at home. Although my mother knows Mandarin, she doesn't speak it at home( makes sense cause it's not her native language). Also, some Chinese parents send their children to Chinese school(so they can possibly improve their Chinese and learn more about Chinese culture in general). To my knowledge, the people i knew that went to Chinese school went to just socialize and make friends. Apparently, Chinese schools aren't that educational. We didn't have any Chinese schools near our house and even if there is, my mother claimed she wouldn't send me to Chinese school(she thinks she can teach Chinese to me at home, but the only time she "teaches" is when she speaks Cantonese to us, she actually won't teach us how to read and write.  Now the next part will come up shortly after this post! Hope you guys enjoy this little background story I have for now. I have many things to improve as his is my first time writing a blog entry.

Mason He

Attached is the photo with my mom before our flight to Shanghai last year. 

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