Does this have to end? Everyone I talked with before leaving for Spain told me that studying abroad would change my life; I heard it so many times that I started becoming a bit skeptical of such a thing happening to me. Now that I'm months into this experience, I feel sorry for the old me. My first two years at UCD were just as incredible as I'd hoped college would be—good friendships; good professors; a nice Davis pace—but there was something missing; everything seemed to be going according to a script that I wasn't writing. Studying abroad is taking my college experience to a level that I believe all college students deserve.
I'm excited about this new forum to share my thoughts. While I appreciate your taking the time to read—and, of course I hope to generate some discussions and maybe even a comment here or there—I really want to use this space to record my journey. I have thought about blogging for years, but it never felt right; for whatever reason, it feels right now. While I love being on my own, here in Spain—far away from the comforts of Davis—it is great to have a connection with you all back home.
Thanks for reading!

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Comment by Sherry Wang on May 17, 2012 at 1:12am

Just got back from Spain! Having a bad case of the Euro hangover and also reminiscing about my change and growth from abroad. Completely feel you on this and keep up the blog posts!


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