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This concludes my study abroad trip.

I am home now, and greatly feeling the jet lag. I had a blast and encourage anyone who is considering to study abroad to really go for it. I had an amazing time getting to know everyone, and I hope to see you all back in Davis sometime soon. Thank you to everyone who made this trip special and a great experience. Thank you to my family for even making this a possibility and teaching me to follow my dreams. And thank you to whoever may have read…


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Holla-nd At Ya Amsterdam

The flight to Amsterdam was breathtaking to watch the sunset from. I couldn’t stop taking pictures, and having my nose pressed to the window. The Swedish lady next to me got a kick out of my Stockholm stories and my American take on the city. She was very amused at how excited we got over the reindeer at the zoo, when she said you can barely drive in the Northern part of Sweden without herds of reindeer crossing. The sky was still light until we dipped below the clouds to darkness and heavy…


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My Stock-Homies

The last week of the program


Today we spent touring some of the scholarly places around Stockholm, such as the Karolinka Institute and the Natural History Museum. At the Karolinska, we listened to a speaking talking about preventative medicine, hospital clinic statistics, and the steps we can take to get the numbers of healthy patients higher. The highlight of the day was the museum for two reasons: 1) the speaker talked to us about really cool woolly mammoth evolution,…


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This Weekend Remix Part Two, New Swedish Album Drops

This weekend has been phenomenal and I am just warming up. I have finally been able to experience Stockholm in the tourist ways and I am hooked.

The weekend started with a tour of the Konserthuset which hosts the Nobel Prize Ceremony each year on December 10th. There are six categories that the Swedish Royalty hand out: physiology/medicine, chemistry, physics, literature, economic science, and peace. The fund was started by Alfred Nobel in 1895 and has since been awarded to…


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Nematodes, Ice Cream, and Sunsets

Today we toured the Stockholm University labs of one of our mentors. The main focus of this lab was on flies (Drosophila Melanogaster) and nematodes (Caenorhabditis Elegans). I found myself to be more interested in these organisms than I would have imagined. I usually try to surround myself with the cute and fluffy stuff, and neither of these came close to that description. Both of these creatures are model organisms and used very often for general science experiments. In the…


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Stock-Home, Sweden

I have arrived in Sweden and am writing this from the back of a hostel boat with a beautiful view of the city. The wind is blowing and the boat is swaying. It took a while to get here, and this is the story.

I walked with my suitcase through the airport and it soon brought me to the conclusion that Sacramento Airport security is mediocre compared to the thorough security of London. I never thought of myself to look slightly shifty, but I have begun to rethink this evaluation. Going…


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Came-bridge and Gone


Today consisted of a tour of the Sanger Institute and Laboratory. The building is named after Frederick Sanger, who invented dideoxy sequencing and revealed the chemical analysis of insulin, winning himself two Nobel Prizes. The laboratory was state of the art and geared for the highest high tech research there is. This single institute sequenced one-third of the human genome for the Human Genome Project. It is now working toward sequencing 100,000 patient’s genomes from…


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This Weekend- I Can't Feel My Face Remix

This weekend was literally so much fun that I couldn’t feel my face (reference to the hit new song that is out now by The Weekend.)

1)      Friday night consisted of a social gathering with Cambridge graduate students from all different areas of study. Being told to dress formal automatically made the night ten times more fun. As per the Cambridge tradition, we met on the Clare Bridge for photo opportunities. (This college really has their life together to have a set time for photos.)…


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Rainy Day in the Citay

It was drizzling and gloomy outside. There is a paint color at Color Me Mine called London Fog and it is the perfect shade of grey. Last time I was in London there was a heat wave and I feel like this is the first time I captured the true essence of the city. Rain changes every sensory detail in London from the smell to the sounds. The city noises became rain falling in the collecting puddles, water under the car ‘tyer’s and thunder booming. And wow, it really messes up my hair. I was about…


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Day of the Museums

Today’s excursion consisted of an outing to the science museums in the Cambridge area. I will share the highlights and not bore you with the details since I was collecting information to write a paper on later. The first stop was the Whipple Museum of the History of Science, aka the hipster antique shop of history. I have a secret/not so secret passion for astronomy and all things constellations that this museum really filled inside me. You enter the museum to a 1910 refracting telescope…


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Day 6: Bio in Real Life

Today’s highlight was a tour of the University of Cambridge’s Sainsbury Laboratory, on the forefront of research and design. We were met by the peppiest English receptionist who immediately lightened up the day. She showed us into a room with a long grandiose meeting table where we would here a talk from a lab leader on epigenetics with methylation and transposons. Epigenetics is the study of different expressions of the same piece of DNA without changing the sequence of nucleotides.…


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The First and Second Day of School

Sunday was the first day of school and I couldn’t have been more excited to dive into this material. The first day covered the basics of DNA replication, and our professor casually mentioned how she, “chit-chatted” with James Watson. *sigh* Every girls dream. (She really sets the bar high.)

After our first lecture, we had the day free to explore. Lunch was again eaten at the best comedy club in Cambridge, A.K.A The Cam River and The Punters. Wow, that could really be the name of a…


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Day 3

The day started with a historical science based walking tour. We learned that the college is where the students live and the university is where they are taught and laboratories held. Cambridge now has 31 colleges that are a part of the University of Cambridge and Cambridge has been the fuel behind 32 Nobel Peace Prizes. The tour started with interesting information on Darwin, the well know biologist and author of The Origin of Species; 1) science was only a hobby and he went to…


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Day 2 in Cambridge

Day 2

Today I made the trek through the peaceful English country side to Cambridge. It was out of a fairytale it was so perfect. This city is basically the Davis of England- it’s a bike town, a small college town, and a cow town. What’s not to love?

Cambridge is just as I had imagined it to be; it has winding cobble streets, white paned windows, markets, and sprawling gardens. (I did not expect the very grandeur mall that was built in this century.)  We started off the day with…


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The Journey and Day 1 in London

After some unforeseen circumstances, I have finally started my journey to England. A week later, but I am here. I have to admit that traveling alone that distance is a little scary. I started with a flight to Chicago that ended up with the infamous seat next to a baby. Yes, the baby seat. DUN, DUn, Dun. He ended up being the cutest, and well-behaved baby ever that I got 2/3 hours of sleep on the flight. I even got to hold him. Something that is not in the job description of flying, is that…


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Starting to Pack My Genes: The Travel Abroad Basics

Hello! Hallo! Hej! Hallo!

You have officially entered my page where I will be telling my stories and adventures abroad to the magical far away kingdom across the pond, and I hope you will not be disappointed. Bare with me though- I have never done one of these “blog” things before of which people speak. (Pronounced blawg for those of you are new to this too. Honestly, they missed out spelling blog a much cooler way.) This is going to be a learning experience for myself, the…


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