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Japan & Wifi

I think i mentioned this in every single one of my posts just because I definitely want to make sure that it is known that Japan doesn't have wifi !! However, there are some few places that does offer wifi such as your school campus :D However, at ICU it was made mainly for iphone rather than android so in the end I couldn't really get internet on my phone. It worked on my friends' phones though so I guess it just depends. I had a Samsung Galaxy S3 at the time just fyi. The main reason as to…


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Getting a cellphone in Japan

Phone Companies

From the perspective of an international student, the top 3 phone companies in Japan are Docomo, Softbank and Au. I have heard that before all 3 companies offered prepaid phone but apparently many criminals used it for illegal transaction ( I don't know how ) so as of now only Softbank offer the prepaid plan.  You must have your gaijin or resident card aka green looking card you received at the airport  in order to purchase the phone. …


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Conquering the JR

Getting Direction:

I must admit that the moment I landed in Japan I had a friend that helped me figured out which train to take and how to get home. If you will be traveling a lot, I am certain that you will be able to figure out the map pretty quickly but if not have no fears, Google Map is an amazing tool to have. However, this might be very surprising for some of you who are reading this but many of us ( including myself) assumed that Japan would have wifi…


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Suica & Pasmo, the magic cards that will take you everywhere in Tokyo

http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/pass/suica.html ( Suica - watermelon -green)

http://www.pasmo.co.jp/en/ ( Pasmo - pink )

http://www.tokyometro.jp/en/ticket/types/index.html Additional Info on the cards & tickets 

If you are visiting Japan a few years ago there might have been some differences between these two…


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Money Money Money

Although I did not keep track everyday of how much money I spent in Japan, here is record of some of my expenses when  was in Japan, let me know if you have any questions :D. I spent most of my money on food and traveling ^^. 

Expenses ( below is an example of one of the pictures , the link to the left has it all )…


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Ghibli Movies

Spent the last 3 months studying about him and his movies they are amazing ;] 

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Volunteering in Japan

This post won't be as long as the last but I just want to talk about volunteering in Japan :] .

I've been volunteering since High School with Key clubs and then in college with Alpha Phi Omega so I couldn't help but to look for volunteering opportunities in Japan. But the first thing I thought was how could I provide any help when I couldn't even speak the language fluently ? Turns out , that is not even a big problem, as soon as I googled Volunteering in Japan , I found myself at …


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I came to win , to fight, to conquer Mt. Fuji

Okay so I did not really conquer Mt. Fuji ( there are 10 stations ), I  only climbed up to the 6th station because the 7th station and beyond are currently closed due to the low temperature which can be dangerous for hikers. However all of this was really unexpected because my friend ( who I was randomly next to on the plane ) and I was only going to a lake near by Mt. Fuji, observe its beauty, visit a place here and then and then drive back to Tokyo. But when I met him, he has this whole…


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I am part of ICU !

I have finally decided to write a blog. I have been in Japan for two weeks so I am all settled down and ready to record my adventures. Learning from previous experiences, I have always very eager to start a blog only to end the trip with a few entries because I didn't realized how busy I was and I didn't really have a set schedule. This time will be different hopefully. 

Today, I didn't get lost biking to school, I knew where to turn and which classroom I needed to be…


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