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So today we decided to make a journey to Jiufen! This place is located by the coast of northern Taiwan and has been known to be the inspiration for the movie Spirited Away. First, the bus ride was very thrilling I will say. Basically imagine a car driving up a hill and drifting at the corners and there you have our bus ride. I must say, the bus driver never slammed…


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Celebrities in Taiwan

So yesterday some of us traveled out to the Taipei 101 area. Why? see Will Smith and Jaden Smith! The two of them were in Taiwan to promote their new movie After Earth. On our way to the venue, two young looking teens scootered towards us, stopped and then kept going. Following them were a bunch of cameramen, turns out it was Jaden Smith! Everyone was so shocked when he stopped in front of us that we didn't have time to take a picture. Also, he was on a suitcase scooter so it was…


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Longshan night market

So today we went to the Longshan night market. This was the third night market I have been to in Taiwan and overall it was an okay night market. The food was good, but when compared to Shilin and Raohe, it wasn't as good. The night market itself was interesting because they had an alleyway where there were shops that sold snakes or snake venom for meals. It was slightly eerie walking down that alley. Also, I had a Vietnamese sandwich today! It has been so long since I've had Vietnamese food.…


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Five Dime and Start of 130B

On Monday, my labmates took me out to eat at a beef noodle soup restaurant. The outing for lunch was really fun because we drived there!! You don't understand how much I miss my car. In Davis, whenever I was hungry, I would just hop into my car and go get something to eat. In Taiwan though, I would have to walk all the way out to the Main Street and then take a bus and metro to get something good to eat. I mean...the places by campus are cheap and delicious but you can only eat it so many times… Continue

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SYS, CKS Memorial, and Random Festival

     Yesterday was eventful. After class we headed out to the SYS memorial hall which was made in remembrance of Taiwan's founder and first president Sun Yat-sen. The memorial hall was beautiful and we also made it in time for the changing of the guards. Watching the changing of the guards was pretty cool, but the experience was sort of ruined by a large group of chinese tourist. Long story short, I was in the front when the changing of the guards started and after being pushed, shoved,…


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One class down, two to go!

This week has been busy! Here's a breakdown of what happened. Monday was our final for CHE 130A and Tuesday was our group presentation. Overall the class felt like a blur and time flew by quickly. However, it was nice to just have to focus on one class. On Wednesday, some of us went to National Taiwan University to eat lunch and look at the campus. The campus was so nice! It reminded me of UC Davis...they had bikes almost everywhere! (not as much as Davis though). After we got off the bus at…


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Unfinished Business

Now that I'm back from studying abroad and settling back into home life, I'm finally able to arrange my thoughts, sit down and write up. And it might be for the better this way. The memories of everyday events aren't as fresh anymore, but the feelings are still there. I've had time to think things over. To contemplate and reflect on all the events that happened abroad. I hope that by giving myself a little time, I'll be able to write more coherent posts with deeper meaning on top of…


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Claw machines.

So I have recently developed an obsession of playing claw machines. It all started a couple days ago when we all went to the super market and they had claw machines. So I took a stab at it and well...I WON not once but twice from under less than 4 tries. Let me note that the claw machines in Taiwan are alot cheaper than the ones in the US (one play is only 33 cents). After the first trip to the claw machines, we all took another trip to the supermarket and of course we played the claw…


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So sorry for the lack of blog posts. I have been occupied for the last three days with classes, projects and lab. A bit of an update about lab. Yesterday I was invited to eat lunch with my lab mates and was also treated to lunch! It was fun talking to everyone and just hanging out. Though most of them didnt speak english but my grad student helped by being a translator. Also everyday this week when I go to lab one of my lab mates gives me a pastry that he made. The reason is that his dream is… Continue

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Taipei 101 and Maokong Gondola

Yesterday had so much rain!…


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School and Internship

Sorry for the lack of posts from the last two days, I have been swamped with projects and my internship.

Working in a lab at Academia Sinica has been fun. I have met alot of people and the people there are really nice! Yesterday I was working on my experiment and one of the guys came up to me to ask if I wanted a creme puff. The funny thing was that he was just standing there in lab with a bag of creme puff shells and a pastry bag of creme. He then proceeded to take me to a cubicle…


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The other day we went to the market and all I can say is...if I stayed in there any longer I would have bought so much stuff! One of the snacks I bought was Panda Pocky! (no it was not panda flavored) The flavor was cookies and creme and it was delicious and made a great snack during class today :d

Also, yesterday we went to get bentos! The bento was only 50NT (around $1.66) and that was my dinner! So cheap! I love it how the food here is cheap.…


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Miramar Ferris Wheel

Since I spent the day studying in the room, a bunch of us decided to go to the Miramar Ferris Wheel! The ferris wheel seems small from far away, but up was HUGE. One full rotation takes around 16 minutes and they even had carts with a transparent floor. Sadly those were full and we didn't want to wait for one, so we were in the normal carts. The best part was when…


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So today while walking to class, we saw a frog hopping around in front of the building where class was! While everyone was trying to take a picture of it, the frog just kept trying to hop away...sadly it had no where to hop and kept hitting the wall. After class, some of us headed out to ximending again to look around and explore! While exploring, we got some tea (peach green…


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Taipei 101 and Night market!

Two days ago we went to Taipei 101. Once we got to the building we went to Din Tai Fung for dumplings! It was soooo good. After dinner we wandered around the area and looked at the different shops that were there. All I can say is that there are so many food places to try! After walking around the Taipei 101 area we all went to look for shaved ice, but failed and ended up…


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Research and Night Market

Today was my first day for my internship at Academia Sinica. I will be working on synthesizing bacterial cell wall components. At first I was afraid that by having a language barrier with my mentors, I would struggle quite a bit in doing research in Taiwan. However everyone in the lab was very friendly, most of them were shy because they seemed to fear speaking english. As…


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School Has Started!

Classes started today and all I have to say is that I am excited for this quarter. In the classes, there are students from the university we are staying at (Academia Sinica) that are taking the some of the same courses as us. In addition some of us are paired with those students for group projects. I was one of those students who was paired with a student from Academia Sinica and all I have to say is communicating will be interesting. In addition today I met with the professor I am…


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Shopping and Hot Pot

The malls here in Taiwan are so different from back home. They have these underground malls where after you exit the metro station, you can just walk out to these malls that are well...underground! There were lots of shops and stands, but what caught our attention the most was the food court! There were so many different places to eat (and so cheap!) that it took a while…


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After endless hours of shopping, everyone in our group met up to eat dinner. We went to this risotto restaurant in the Ximen area and they had a golden retriever as a mascot!! Apparently each shop has a dog and this one was a girl who had a husband (who could be found a block away). The dog was so cute! She was so friendly and slightly photogenic (she could tell…


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Finally in Taiwan!

After a 14 hour flight, and going through customs I have finally made it to Taiwan! So excited for tomorrow since there's orientation and maybe some time to explore around Taipei after. Although it was raining when I arrived, and the weather fore cast says that it is going to rain this whole won't stop me from exploring…


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