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A Berliner in America (Culture Shock, Part V)

Here I am, back in Davis again. I am already over half-way through my first quarter back, proving to me that time, once again, is moving far too fast for my taste.



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Right back where I started from

Beendet. Finished. My thirteen months in Berlin have come and gone, and my experiences there are no longer anything more than a memory. I have actually been back in California for a little over a month now, which shocks me when I think about it.



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Visiting Germany's darkest hour

I feel like, by going to and especially by living in Germany, I needed to visit at least one concentration camp during my time here. So when I came to the realization that I had only ten days left and I hadn’t even gone to one, it became a priority for me to do so. I actually had a reason for not going yet: I didn’t think I could handle the emotional trip alone. But I decided to take the plunge, since the other option was quickly becoming not going at all.



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A last-minute trip to Munich

When I decided I was going to study in Berlin, I had a couple of places I knew I wanted to visit. At the top of that list was Munich. My problem was, two weeks before my flight back to California, I still hadn't made the trip! Thanks to the trains in Germany, though, it was quite easy to make last-minute plans, and soon enough, I was on my way to Bavaria's heartland.



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The Berlin Wall, or lack thereof

I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Since the last time I have written, I have traveled to Munich, I have visited a concentration camp, and I have returned to California. I'll write about these experiences soon, but as today is the 50th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall, I wanted to respond to an article I saw on Wednesday, which can be found…


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Beginning of the End

The past three weeks have gone by in such a haze. For a while, it became a real juggling act of keeping up with my schoolwork, which is hard enough to do in the middle of July, and finishing up all of the end of year business, including starting to say goodbye.



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525,600 minutes (Culture Shock, Part IV)

It's a little hard for me to believe, but as of today, I have been in Europe for a year. One year ago, I stepped off the plane in Dusseldorf, went through the passport check, and said hello to my host country, before boarding another plane to Berlin, my host city.



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My "Wurzelbehandlung"

Every day really does bring a new experience here. Too bad there are some I would be much happier not having. I've already written about the trouble I went through when I lost my wallet, but today I had another reality check that told me not everything goes well as I would hope.



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It appears I have seriously neglected this blog for the past several weeks. This was never my intention, but sometimes, life just gets so busy. I know I have friends and family that want to know what has been happening as of late, but the truth is, not a whole lot has happened lately that has been blog-worthy. Instead, I'll just give some highlights of my life as of late.



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"Didn't you go to Berlin to study?"

Finally, my two-month semester break came to a close, which was slightly disappointing. I enjoyed having time to travel around Europe, without worrying about classes or readings. But, as it was pointed out to me several time by friends and family, I came to Germany to study, not for a year-long vacation!



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Five Star Experience

At last, we come to the last major event of my semester break. Right before I left to see Rachael and Meg in Italy, my friend Marta emailed me to tell me that her mom had gifted her two nights in a hotel in Rome for two people, and would I like to be her "Plus-1"? To be honest, I wasn't jumping up and down at the prospect of going back to Rome. But Marta was one of my best friends in Europe for the first nine months, she would be flying back to California soon afterward, and this was really…


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Five Days in Italy

One of the most difficult things about studying abroad, especially for a full year, is the fact that I can't see my friends from back home for that entire time. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to see a couple of people since I came to Europe: I saw my friend Paul a couple times already, and a couple weeks ago, I got to see a few other friends. UC Davis had Spring…


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Five Wise Guys

When I got back from seeing Rachael and Meg in Italy, I didn't have a whole lot of time to relax. The day after I got back, I immediately had things to do- namely, go to a concert of my favorite German band, die Wise Guys! The Wise Guys are an a-cappella (or, as they call themselves, Vokalpop) band and sing mostly humorous songs and a few love ballads. I first heard them when I was studying German at Davis and have been using their music…


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