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Looking For Travel Buddy After Study Abroad Trip

My name is Wesley and I am doing the Fashion Marketing in Paris study abroad trip from July 1st-July 29th. After that, I am planning on going to Santorini between July 30th-August 4th and Morocco between August 4th-August 9th. Of course, the dates are flexible based on the flight price. I was thinking about going by myself, but my parents definitely want me to find one more person. …

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Most Important Blog! (My Tips for You)

OK! I feel my best contribution with this blog would be to write some tips for future quarter abroad students. I wish I had known these things before coming. If you are going on the Spain program, or any in general, here are some things I recommend. If you want a quick list it’s here, or read on for explanations and anecdotes:

Things To Bring

Nicer clothes

 Of course this is optional, but we dress very…


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Beautiful Cambridge and delicious food!

Well, it's been a fast paced week here in Cambridge! In only about 7 days we've covered half a quarter's worth of material of Genetics and taken our first exam. Beside the downside of 12 hour class, we've seen some gorgeous and fascinating things!

As a Nutrition major, food is of utmost importance to me.  It is very exciting to me to observe how health and food go hand in hand throughout the world. I'm interested to see how the different meals of each country vary. I remember in…


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There were two instances I was brought to tears in public on this trip.

The first was losing my phone in Barcelona, but the second was because of what my group did a couple weeks later.

Level 1 and 2 take separate classes, except our 141 culture class. One day after class, everyone was trying to decide plans to hang out. One of the girls was talking to me outside and from behind me, another girl named Eunji said, "Hey Cassie... We have something for you."

I turned around…


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Japan & Wifi

I think i mentioned this in every single one of my posts just because I definitely want to make sure that it is known that Japan doesn't have wifi !! However, there are some few places that does offer wifi such as your school campus :D However, at ICU it was made mainly for iphone rather than android so in the end I couldn't really get internet on my phone. It worked on my friends' phones though so I guess it just depends. I had a Samsung Galaxy S3 at the time just fyi. The main reason as to…


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Getting a cellphone in Japan

Phone Companies

From the perspective of an international student, the top 3 phone companies in Japan are Docomo, Softbank and Au. I have heard that before all 3 companies offered prepaid phone but apparently many criminals used it for illegal transaction ( I don't know how ) so as of now only Softbank offer the prepaid plan.  You must have your gaijin or resident card aka green looking card you received at the airport  in order to purchase the phone. …


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Conquering the JR

Getting Direction:

I must admit that the moment I landed in Japan I had a friend that helped me figured out which train to take and how to get home. If you will be traveling a lot, I am certain that you will be able to figure out the map pretty quickly but if not have no fears, Google Map is an amazing tool to have. However, this might be very surprising for some of you who are reading this but many of us ( including myself) assumed that Japan would have wifi…


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Suica & Pasmo, the magic cards that will take you everywhere in Tokyo ( Suica - watermelon -green) ( Pasmo - pink ) Additional Info on the cards & tickets 

If you are visiting Japan a few years ago there might have been some differences between these two…


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Ghibli Movies

Spent the last 3 months studying about him and his movies they are amazing ;] 

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1 Month Anniversary

It is the first of May and officially one month since I've arrived in Spain.

I can't believe time has flown by that quickly. This weekend we are taking a trip all together to see the southern part of Spain and some of the must-see cities. We will be going to Granada, Seville and Cordoba. (You can see it on the map above) Every…


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This Friday, I went to visit Segovia.

On the way 

The trip was through ACCENT - the company that UC Davis is partnered with here in Spain. I paid 25Euro and took the bus there with friends from the UC Davis…


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The Gang

Some of the gang at El Retiro

Best group I could ask to experience Spain…


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El Rastro

I found my new sunday morning ritual 

Today we went to El Rastro, which is a huge flee market they have every sunday morning . They sell everything and anything. There were genuine leather goods, shoes, bags, belts, clothes, scarves, jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and nicknacks. Some of the venders sell new goods and others have estate sales. …


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El Retiro


El Retiro AKA Heaven

Yesterday, my roommate (Rachel), and two of the boys (Omar and Andrew) decided to check out El Retiro. Everyone has recommended we go and told us how beautiful it is, but it exceeded my highest expectations. The park is goorrggeeoouusss!

We took the metro and the exit placed you right on the edge of the park. And so we walked.

Paved and dirt paths spiderweb across the whole park, which spans at least 10 city…


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Week 1

Hello everyone! 

Time for an update...

I can't believe it has only been 7 days. I feel like I have been in Spain for a month! I have done so much in this past week.

Shortly after I arrived, my house moms gave me a tour of the apartment and offered me coffee. We sat down and talked... or tried too... I explained that I only knew a little Spanish and she said she only knew a little English. I understood most of what she was saying and tried to…


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Longest Day of my Life

I made it... 


I can't believe how many hours I have been awake.

Only slept on the plane for about 2 hours and fighting with the sandman as we speak until its a reasonable hour to sleep here in Spain.

But everything went smoothly. There were at least 7 other people from the program on my flight so getting to the ACCENT center was easy and then Taxied to my host family's place.


My Spanish is probably no where near…


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D Day

It's D day...

Well technically it's 10 min until midnight of Departure day, but close enough! By the time in finish writing this it will be.

All the days leading up to it have been a valiant effort to try and organize the past half century of my life! (Not to be dramatic or anything)

Not only am I packing for Spain, but moving out of the house.. my house... I lived in for the past four years. After the Quarter Abroad Program in Madrid, I plan to stay longer and won't be…


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The Beginning of My Time in Japan!

Credit: Kaki Y.

Welcome to my blog! Just a brief introduction of myself: My name is Lily Leventhal. I am a senior at UC Davis majoring in Human development, minoring in Psychology. I've just started my spring quarter abroad…


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April 23 - Dia de Sant Jordi

Today was Dia de Sant Jordi here in Barcelona. The only way I can describe the holiday is by trying to ask you to imagine someone that has a blender that mixes holidays, and instead of mixing the obvious choice of Halloween and Thanksgiving, Catalonia mixes July Fourth with Valentine's Day. If you want to read more, I wrote about it in my blog, and here is a link.…


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My Blog

So I actually kept a Tumblr blog of my summer abroad adventures if anyone interested in London or the Shakespeare--Live! program. Check out how awesome it was!


Gettin' Shakespeared blog

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