November 2014 Blog Posts (3)

CAPA Sponsored Events or The Time I Almost Met David Cameron


Yay! Another post! Aren’t you a lucky reader!


Also, David Cameron is the Prime Minister of England for all you ‘mericans that don’t know any better.


This past Thursday CAPA organized for all of us to see a play at the Opera House. Finally! This, by far, is the one thing everyone hopes to do while in…


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The Soda Factory or I’ll Never Forgive My Dumb Boyfriend


Long time no see!


Here I am to tell you about another thrilling adventure in Sydney. This past week was Week 7 for us (I can’t believe it’s already almost over…), and I’m currently halfway through Week 8. Golly.


Two Mondays ago Matt and I decided to go to a pub called the Soda Factory…


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A Backpacking Excursion or Dawn of the Flies





It’s been a while, I know, it’s just that I’ve been so caught up in the wonders of Sydney! (ha….)


I’m officially a week behind, soooo I have some catching up to do.




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