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Andalusia, 3 Days Deprived of Meat and Internet, Philosophical Musings, and a Few Nights Out

Last weekend, I went to Andalusia (southern Spain) as part of my program. Cordoba was cool. I liked the gigantic cathedral and the flamenco show filled with passionate performers. Granada was an absolute gem. The Albayzin, a Medieval Moorish neighborhood, is steeped in history. The Alhambra is one of the premier tourist destinations in the world, and features exquisitely detailed Arab-Islamic architecture and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The tranquil Generalife gardens are…


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I love AUS but I miss a few of my favorite things :)

Besides obviously missing my friends and family the most, my time in Australia has made me appreciate a several nuances of the States.

#1: TRADER JOE'S! Life is a little more of a struggle without their 99% fat free burritos, guilt-free guacamole, 2-Buck Chuck, Trader Jose's Mexican beer, and Fage greek yogurt. I know I'm missing a few other staples but these are the necessities of my life.

#2: Black Coffee/ Starbucks : The Aussies don't "do" black coffee like we do in the…


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5 countries in a month? Not too shabby.

One nice thing about the French university system is that halfway through the semester they decide everyone needs a week off.  So October 26 through November 3 I was traveling with two fellow students from California.

I remember the days when I used to fear metros and public transportation because of my lack of experience.  Now they're my…


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A week in my life on Heron via photos

G’day and welcome to my home from the past 2 weeks: the beautiful Heron Island Research Station complete with nesting Shearwaters and Mutton birds. (note the many leaves in strange places in the trees=nests)

Welcome to my home: Heron Island Research Station.

Welcome to my home: Heron Island Research Station.

We take Halloween very seriously. It’s definitely…


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The Start of Classes, Moving Out, Living in Centro, and Various Musings

Hello. It’s been a while.  Since I wrote entrada 6, I started classes and moved out of my place with the host family and into a piso (apartment) in Centro.

These are my classes:

Análisis de la realidad social contemporánea (Analysis of the Contemporary Social Reality) This is a core class available to students in my program. I really like it so far. It’s a multidisciplinary class that uses sociology, political science, and economics to try to…


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From Here to Heron

I’m going to skip around a little, just to warn you. I’ve been out of internet reach for the past week at Carnarvon Gorge enjoying nature’s beauties big and small. However, the interent where I’m at is too slow to add photos, so I’m going to wait until  the signal is strong enough to post a few pictures that still won’t do this magical place justice. Moving on.

Right now it is 7:46 in the evening on the 27th of October. I have been awake since 5 in the morning on October 26th. Read:…


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