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CS San Jacinto and Rural Medicine

            This week has been interesting in terms of my clinical experiences. While I’ve started my new rotation up in the mountains, I’ve also continued to help out in Hospital Civil. All in all my free time has been pretty limited!

            My rotation in Centro de Salud San Jacinto was supposed to start on Wednesday, but I decided at the bus stop to go home due to stomach problems. After sleeping until 1 I can happily report that I felt better and was able to spend the…


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El Tule, Teotitlan, and other adventures

            With all the things to see and do in Oaxaca, you’re bound to miss something. Our program didn’t schedule in paid excursions to a couple extra sites around the city so I planned our own excursion to El Tule, Mitla, and a Mezcal Factory. Our tour guide was very nice and took us to a number of other sites along the way.

            Our first stop was El Tule, the widest tree known to be in existence. It was beautiful, and yes, very large. It’s 45 feet in diameter! We walked…


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I learn how to navigate the Mexican Health Care System

            After my adventure in Gynocology on Wednesday, I should have realized my experience was far from over. Over the past few days I’ve spent hours and hours in Hospital Civil helping the foreign mom and her daughter navigate the Mexican Health Care system, and it has been seriously challenging.

            Due to birth complications, the new baby girl has had to stay in the hospital to ensure that she is perfectly healthy. Asphyxia during births can have numerous consequences…


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Awwwwwww, look at the baaaaby!

            The title of this blog comes from this scene from my favorite TV show, Scrubs, when Elliot’s boss tells her that all women residents go into OB/GYN or family practice after delivering one baby. That may not be entirely accurate, but after today I get his point. Long story short, my day in gynecology today has completely changed my outlook on my future career; I stayed in that department for 14 hours.

My rotation started as many others had: too many patients, not a lot to…


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College Life & Uni Work

Again, sorry for the lag on posts! My days are flying by and I rarely have a moment to myself to update!

A possibly helpful note: In Australia, Uni refers to college and college refers to the communal housing.

I am currently in my eleventh week of classes; for two classes, it is also my last week of lectures and tutorials!  Classes are going well and I'm pretty happy with my exams timetable- it's spread out and my hardest class has its exam on the last possible day. I…


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Sleepless Nights of Sydney: sleep never, party forever

As always, I realize that I'm gravely behind in posting about my travels. My problem is that I'm just too darn busy traveling to spare the moment to blog about what I'm doing. I guess it's not a terrible problem to have.

Let me give you a little recap:

1. Finished my Marine Biology Research Report. I believe the final copy was about 26 pages long. This was the final compilation of the research I conducted on Straddie (North Stradbroke Island) 2 weeks ago. Consensus: juvenile…


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Chicano Mental Health Unit - My Obsession with all Things Brainy

Today began the start of our mental health unit in our Chicano Studies Classes. I was very excited to learn about this material because if I become a doctor, I know that I want to become either a psychiatrist or neurologist. I began the reading for the week earlier than most, mainly because everyone else was focusing on their essays.

I found the reading very interesting, but it had a lot in common with our prior reading assignments. Latinos in the US face barriers to mental health…


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Newcastle/Nelson Bay, Sydney, and Manly

I got another four days of freedom; finishing my work early, I flew into Newcastle, New South Wales to visit my friend Mark who lives down there.  I spent Thursday through Sunday exploring Nelson Bay, Sydney, and Manly with him, his two sons, and his friend Paul.  We managed to cram in all the Sydney highlights in just a few days :)

For the full album of pictures, look here:…


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6 bars in 4 days, it's been a good week.

I have a new favorite activity. And a deep appreciation for France's legal drinking age being 18. I decided to start the week off right; Monday after four hours of class I enjoyed a 5pm happy hour pint at the beer garden on the Rhône, before my last 2 hours of class.  

Tuesdays end at 8pm, so it was decided that this warranted the exploration of the many bars on the…


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GOOOAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Healthy Cooking and Hijos de la Luna

The past few days have been full of lots of little adventures. On Friday morning we went to a restaurant to take a cooking class instead of doing our rotations. I was a little sad missing a day in Hospital Civil but I figured that I would try to do some extra time there next week. “Cocina Light” was fun; we split into groups of 5 and everyone made a drink, main dish, soup, and salad. The recipes we prepared seemed pretty weird at first but ended up being delicious. The drink that we made had…


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My Adventures in Urgent Care

            Urgent Care was much like the first half of my day in the Surgery rotation. We followed students during rounds and listened to students discuss the patients and the best treatment options for each one. Like in surgical rounds, it was a little difficult for us to understand what people were discussing, but the surrounding doctors were more than willing to tell us what was going on. This time we even got a sheet like the other residents, telling us about each patient and their…


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The Thyroid that Ate Manhattan: Why I’ve Decided to Not be a Surgeon

So today was the start of my rotation in Hospital Civil, one of the main hospitals in Oaxaca. I had heard from prior groups that I could choose each day between surgery, urgent care, and OB/GYN, and the head of our rotations here even told me at the start of the program that I could do a Neuro rotation, so I was very excited. However, things haven’t exactly gone so according to plan so far.

            The first thing you notice when you get off the bus at Hospital Civil are THE…


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My Limpia and the Curanderas: My Thoughts on Mexican Traditional Healing

I decided to do a separate blog on my experience with traditional healing because I knew it would be LONG. I’ve thought a lot about the differences between Western allopathic medicine and Mexican traditional medicine, and I’m still thinking!

Traditional healing here takes many forms, from potions and creams to prayers and special rituals. One special ritual used is called a limpia. A limpia is used to cleanse the spirit and determine what is ailing the body. Each of us got a…


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My host family feeds me well!

When my host parents went to Bali for vacation, they wanted to make sure I was still well fed.  Besides for pre-cooked, home-made frozen dinners piled up in the freezer, I found these awesome things as well :)

(Taken on my phone's crappy…


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Photos up now!

Got a lot of photos up now!!

I have been fortunate enough through the UC EAP program at the University of Queensland to do research in a bunch of cool places I would've never been able to see otherwise, from two national parks (Girraween and Lamington in eastern Australia) for hiking Terrestrial Ecology research, Moreton Bay Research Station to look at crab survival and osmoregulation, and outings with my host family.  Below are all the links to the pictures I have uploaded to…


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