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First Week in Centro de Salud Volcanes

So I got lazy with my blog the past couple days mainly because typing them out on my tablet takes a lot longer and I thought I would have my computer by now. Oh boy was I wrong.
People run on a different schedule here. For important things, like classes, everyone here shows up on time, but for other things it's very common for everyone to run late. When someone says "let's meet at 5," they really mean "let's meet sometime between 5 and 6, or maybe later, who knows?" My computer…

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My Week off in Madrid and Settling in with My Family in Spain

It’s been a while since I last posted, I know, but I’ve been busy. Here are some of the things I’ve been up to since my last post.

I had my last week at the Colegio and in my intensive language classes. The classes ended up being a waste of time in many respects, but I was able to endure them by having fun, and I even learned a thing or two. The classes are over, and I’m glad that I get to pick and choose which classes I take and when I take them. Being able to make choices about your…


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Miscellaneous Stuff: Oaxaca Week 1

The past few days have been full of homework and errands, so I figured I could talk tonight about some thoughts I've had in the past week that I didn't have space/time to discuss earlier.

Apparently US news stations have been making it look like Noah's arc over here recently but just for clarification I am not in fact living underwater right now. The heavy rain usually hits right when I step inside for the night so that's been pretty nice. At times the streets get some pretty big…


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Reasons I love being fluent in Spanish

To those who are unaware, I am fluent in Spanish. To those who think that therefore it is easy for me to learn French, this is a LIE. So naturally I found the one class at my University offered in Spanish. It's my favorite. (**Disclaimer: I am definitely being sufficiently immersed in French, all 5 of my other classes are entirely in French.)  When the prof started speaking Spanish it was hard to keep from grinning; it was wonderful to not…


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Cute Overload: Cuddling Koalas and Chasing Kangaroos

I'm a little behind on this post. A few weekends ago, I went to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It's only 2 bus rides from my house, and makes a great day-trip for all ages! Oh, and you can see some pretty cool stuff!

This is how I chill with my friends. (this friend happens to be a kangaroo)
This is how I chill with my friends. (this…

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From Geraldton, Kurt and I drove about 45 minutes in-land to his family farm in Mullewa. The cute farm house we pulled up to was accompanied by a chicken, or what the Aussies call chook, coup and raised garden bed. Since Mullewa is a fair bit north than Perth, it was much warmer. While I wouldn't say it felt like summer, I got to enjoy some sunshine! Kurt took me out on the four-wheeler the morning after we arrived to show me the property. We drove around for over an hour and I only got to…


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Religious Compromise, Mitla Ruins, and Hierve de Agua

Today we did our first of many excursions, going to the Church of San Jerónimo Tlalixtac, the Mitla ruins, and Hierve de Agua. I must have taken over 300 pictures! 

The church and ruins each showed a unique blend of cultures that is characteristic of Oaxaca and Mexico in general. The church was absolutely beautiful, inside and out. It was covered floor to ceiling in murals, paintings, and statues. It felt a little weird seeing a church as a tourist destination, but I used it as a time…


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Museo de Arte: Conflicting Cultures and Political Protests

Got up super early today because I got to take a tour of the clinics around Oaxaca. I'll be volunteering in 3: Centro de Salud Volcanes, Hospital Civil, and Centro de Salud San Jacinto. The 3rd one is way up in the mountains and will require a 20-30 minute bus ride! It's way more rural there, the streets were tiny and the area in general looked more impoverished. They certainly have an amazing view, though. They can see the whole valley, the whole city with the ginormous mountains…


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Keep up with my adventures on Wordpress

In order to avoid having two blogs, I shall post the link to the main blog I will be updating regularly.

Feel free to follow me on there!


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Acostumbrarse y Mirarse

I'm beginning to find that I like many things better here. I can get to the majority of my classes in the daytime without assistance, and I took my first taxi home tonight after dinner with my fellow classmates. I'm more comfortable walking around, and I love how free the day feels, even when it's filled 8-7 like today. I think because Mexico stays up later the days feel longer. The food is great, and I found out today that if I ever tire of Mexican food there are a couple italian…


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Welcome back to Kindergarten

I have just started my sixteenth, and next-to-last, year of schooling.  My mother has always told me that after my first day of Kindergarten I came home frustrated because I wasn't fluent in Spanish after the first day. Fifteen years later, I am back in Kindergarten.  I've made progress since then though; this time it took me until the second day of class to get frustrated with my lack of fluency and comprehension. However, that may be…


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Viva Mexico!

We definitely came to Mexico at the perfect time, because today was el Día de Independencia! Mexico celebrates for 2 whole days, 1 day before and the day of. What a celebration! Even now I can hear los cohetes (fireworks) across the city. We visited el Zócalo, the central plaza of the city, in the evening yesterday. There were tons of live bands and I did't want to leave because the trumpets were so loud and fantastic. But after a few minutes of watching we explored the rest of the plaza…


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Días 1.5-3

Woow, didn't take long for me to break my "1 blog per day" goal! In my defense, yesterday i didn't get back until 1am. Also my laptop is busted. Seriously, me and technology just don't get along! So I'm using my tablet.

In 3 days I've gotten more accostomed to the city. I still get lost easily but we're always in groups and someone knows where we're going. I was placed in the advanced 1 level of spanish after 36 hours of review, which I wasn't expecting! My first language class is…


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Americanized Mexican Food, Yom Kippur, and Info about my Homestay

Tuesday night I went to Taco Bell with some friends for Taco Tuesday. Every Tuesday, it’s 1€ for a beer and a taco. I decided that I would go just for the beer, because I didn’t want to ingest a Taco Bell taco. I went with a few of my friends, and after 45 minutes, I finally received my beer. I enjoyed the experience. It’s cool that the laws regarding alcohol in Spain are lax enough so that Taco Bell can serve it and people can walk…


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My First Full Week in Spain

This week was all about getting settled in Spain and familiarizing myself with the country, its people and its language. I started my intensive language program classes on Monday. My experience in the classes mostly had to do with the teachers, who ranged from soporific and eloquent to manic and passionate. One of them recommended that we visit the Dalí exhibit at the Reina Sofia, a museum that, along with the…


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First Day!

First day of my adventure is almost over and I truly don't understand how I haven't collapsed yet. Between friday morning and now, Saturday night, I think I've gotten a total of 3 hours of sleep: 2 uncomfortable hours during my flights and 2 half hour power-naps (one of which was in the airport with my backpack as a pillow). I really don't feel that tired though because this day was just so exciting!

Where to begin... Seeing the lights of Mexico City from the plane was unbelievable.…


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Just like home

Some things may be different in Australia. The slang here is definitely something I have to get used to, but other things never change. For instance, when I'm waiting to catch my first bus to school in the morning I can easily find a few women applying make-up, painting their nails, or doing their hair ALL WHILE DRIVING! Then, a father is holding on for dear life in the passenger seat of his Mercedes-Benz as his teenager daughter with her learning permit attempts to drive to school. The fear…


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The Wonderful World of Oz

I've been back from the Australian bush for about a week now and have gotten into my "normal" school routine. Living with my home stay is more comparable to living with my grandparents. It's more than just the fact that the lady is literally a grandmother, but she forgets where she puts her keys, where she left her car parked (it took us an hour to find it the night she picked me up), doesn't eat sugar of any shape or form, and goes for morning coffee dates with her friends. Oh, and I…


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Summer Abroad Blog

This is my blog about my genetics summer abroad program. I talk alot about academics because due to the nature of the class we spent alot of time in class learning the subject matter, but everything including the class time was an amazing experience for me!

8/6/2013 – Today was the first day of class. We covered the course introduction along with DNA replication including PCR and dideoxy sequencing. It was mostly a review for me although I do feel as though I have a much stronger…


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The Familiar and the Uncanny in Spain

I went to a bar called Dubliner’s to watch the first 49ers game of the season against the Green Bay Packers. I ended up catching the first three quarters there before heading home on the metro and catching the last bit on my computer (not the best, but what can you do?) I headed to the bar right after dinner at around 9:30 and the game started around 10:30. There was a nice crew of about 7 49er fans from the program…


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