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Highlands Trip - Week 3

This week I learned more about Scottish history than I ever could have from reading a history book – from visiting Culloden Battlefield, to driving through Isle of Skye, and hearing stories of “wee people” in the glens, I feel like I have a much deeper comprehension of Scottish culture following this trip to the Highlands. Throughout all of this adventure, the idea that stuck with me the most was when Debs told us about the contrast between the official Scottish national anthem, and the…


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Week 2 in Edinburgh

My second week in Edinburgh was absolutely incredible, and I'm really beginning to love this city! Week 2 was filled with plenty "touristy" adventures, including a tour of the Edinburgh Castle, the National Museum of Scotland, and a visit to the Edinburgh magic festival. While our huge group of 20 students definitely stuck out as tourists, I didn't really mind this week because I think it's important to see the city from the lens of a tourist as well as a more immersed, long-term visitor in…


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A List of My Favorite Desserts in Seoul, South Korea

Hi All,

I would like to share some of my favorite desserts in Seoul, South Korea. I went to many Korean coffee shops and tried their most popular desserts because I love sweets. If you have a chance to go to Seoul, don't forget to try some of their delicious desserts!

1. Cheese Ice Flakes from Beansbins Coffee

2. Ice Cream Waffle from Beansbins Coffee

3. Red Beans Ice Flakes from Cafe Bonjur

4. Honey Butter Bread from Coffine Gurunaru

5. Mango Cheese…


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Week 1 in Edinburgh!

This week - after around 16 hours of traveling - I finally arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is my first time abroad, and I have to admit that jet lag definitely has its hold on me! In an attempt to avoid numerous  naps each day, I've been challenging myself to go out to meals and explore this beautiful city with my fellow classmates.

Edinburgh is an incredible city, and the people here so far are lovely and welcoming! Growing up in Southern California, it's a great…


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Looking For Travel Buddy After Study Abroad Trip

My name is Wesley and I am doing the Fashion Marketing in Paris study abroad trip from July 1st-July 29th. After that, I am planning on going to Santorini between July 30th-August 4th and Morocco between August 4th-August 9th. Of course, the dates are flexible based on the flight price. I was thinking about going by myself, but my parents definitely want me to find one more person. …

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The End of my Year in Madrid, my Eurotrip, my Arrival Back, and Some Reflections


I wrote this post a while back, but I never edited it and posted it until now. Enjoy.

So, my year abroad in Madrid is over, and quite frankly, I’m happy to be back. After the school year was over, I went on my trip to Rome, Florence, Venice, Lyon, Belgium, Amsterdam, and London.  Before getting to that, I have some final evaluations for my study year abroad in Madrid.

The piso compartido (shared flat): B-

Pros are the great location, view of the church,…


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Conclusion or I Can't Believe It's Already Over


Alas, my trip has come to an end. And it’s weird. The city of Sydney, which I had come to memorize during my ten week stay, might never see my dazzling face again. I know the street names and the buses, the train stations and the landmarks, the best places to eat and the worst, the scenery and the atmosphere… and yet I will very likely not come here again. But it’s not because I didn’t love Sydney, because believe me, I loved…


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The List



Here it is, the list I created describing my favorite places to go. If you ever find yourself in Sydney and want a few suggestions, here they are:


Outdoor excursions: (for people like Matt and myself that genuinely enjoy a good walkabout):


Uloola Falls:…


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CAPA Sponsored Events or The Time I Almost Met David Cameron


Yay! Another post! Aren’t you a lucky reader!


Also, David Cameron is the Prime Minister of England for all you ‘mericans that don’t know any better.


This past Thursday CAPA organized for all of us to see a play at the Opera House. Finally! This, by far, is the one thing everyone hopes to do while in…


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The Soda Factory or I’ll Never Forgive My Dumb Boyfriend


Long time no see!


Here I am to tell you about another thrilling adventure in Sydney. This past week was Week 7 for us (I can’t believe it’s already almost over…), and I’m currently halfway through Week 8. Golly.


Two Mondays ago Matt and I decided to go to a pub called the Soda Factory…


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A Backpacking Excursion or Dawn of the Flies





It’s been a while, I know, it’s just that I’ve been so caught up in the wonders of Sydney! (ha….)


I’m officially a week behind, soooo I have some catching up to do.




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Week Three Tidbits or Writer's Block



If I’m being totally honest, little has happened to me over the past week that would interest you lovely readers. This past Friday my Davis group walked through the Central Business District of Sydney and meandered into a number of museums and historical buildings. Saturday was a trip through the Botanical Gardens and Sunday was a stroll around Vaucluse.…


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Movies, Friendship, and Hiking, or I Really Need Me Some Nugs.


Unless I have a truly riveting tale about class or my internship, it seems most of my blog posts will describe my weekend escapades. This past weekend Matt and I decided to see the movie Gone Girl in an Australian movie theater. We took the train to Bondi Junction to (what we heard) is the best movie theater in all of Sydney. After 30 minutes of searching for the theater, we finally discovered Event Cinemas on the 6th floor…


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A List of New Experiences Cont. or Maybe I Could Be A Vegan


  1. Enjoy some live Jazz

  2. Poke dead Jellyfish

  3. Be wrongly disappointed by a Chocolate festival

  4. Go to a Contemporary Art Museum

  5. Food Crawl


Continuing right along….…


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A List of New Experiences or Kangaroo is Tasty



But first, a brief outline of what I’ve done in Sydney that I haven’t done in the US.


  1. Pet Kangaroo (and Wombat and Kouala)

  2. Ingest Kangaroo (and Emu Pizza)

  3. Watch boyfriend get shot by tapioca balls across train…


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First Day of Class or Don't Go To A Buffet For Lunch


Wednesday was our first day of classes, and can I just say how lucky I think we have it in Sydney. Three days out of the quarter (on Wednesday at 9 am) we meet with Mark Prior who teaches an interning abroad writing class. At least I think that’s what he teaches. Since all of our classes are writing related and taught on the same day, they start to blur together. But does it really matter? We only see him three times over these ten weeks! Mostly we’re…


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First Day of Internship or How Could I Forget My Blazer?


Hello again.


If you’re here it means you crave the juicy details of my first day of interning (and maybe some other junk).


Monday was orientation firstly, exploring secondly. Like I said previously, orientation was easy and breezy. Mama T (as she hates to be called),…


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How Do You Write A Blog?


Laced with sarcasm and dry humor, that’s how (It fits though, I promise).


See, I sit on a former English colony inhabited not for it resources, but as a place to store their criminals. I am surrounded by the descendants of petty thieves who take delight in subtly (or not so subtly) taking a swing at any ego that dares stand taller than their own. (I personally appreciate this simple…


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Two Week Update

I am loving Oxford right now! From where we're staying, we're so incredibly close to everything. Anything we need is at most a 5-10 minute walk away. The college we're staying at, Jesus College in the University of Oxford, is in the center of the city and has great access to food or shopping or restaurants -- whatever fits your mood!

It is also incredibly easy to travel around here; London is about an hour and a half away by bus from Oxford. It makes it very easy to do day trips in…


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2014 Taipei International Book Exhibit

One of the distinct advantages of living near the capital is that a lot of great things happen very close to you. For me, one of the greatest things to have happened was the 2014 Taipei International Book Exhibit, because I love books. The book exhibit was hosted in the Taipei World Trade Center, near the Taipei 101 (the second tallest building in the world). I took this picture standing in front of the…


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