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Urban Birding

What better way to start the weekend off than a walk around the city and some bird-watching? Venturing off on my own, I made my way to Notre Dame first, and found a pretty park behind the cathedral called Square Jean-XXIII.

There were rows of trees, in between which there were people seated on benches feeding…


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"The Earth without Art is just eh"

Bonsoir! (Good Evening!)

Today was a lovely day. Although nothing big was planned, except a meeting with our school and a diagnostic oral exam, the day turned out to be extremely fun.

At lunch time, a couple friends and I went to L’Hôtel de Ville to eat. And afterwards, we crossed the Seine to the Île de la Cité (the island in the middle of the Seine and the center of the city) and then to the Left Bank. We were looking for a few…


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Lightspeed ahead.


            Today marks the end of the our second week in Cambridge, and the end of the our 3rd week of studying.  One more week, or 3 lecture days to go.  The last 3 weeks have been incredible.  Brno was a weird place, where not much studying got done (sorry Dr. Sanders).  We had our share of mishaps – a forgotten passport, and two lost people (we found ‘em, or they found us); the usual shenanigans inherent to a trip like this I suppose.  Our first week in Cambridge was…


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My Voyage to Madrid

The flights were decent.  Before I left home, I said goodbye to my grandparents, who had a good visit here. I then said goodbye to my father, who I hope to appreciate more upon my return home. I had an awkward farewell with my mom. We hugged and then she half lunged for another hug when I was just waving goodbye to her. It was endearing. She said that she wants to perhaps visit me in December, but honestly, we have…


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Hanging out at Quasimodo’s neighborhood

Yesterday was a day of many firsts, from learning to take the metro, to eating at a French cafe for the first time, to seeing new monuments, and even to hearing a French insult being shouted out in the street.

Our program orientation met at a different campus that wasn’t too far but required a metro ride. Nervous as could be, I asked Madame for instructions on how to even enter the station before leaving. Thankfully, there’s a station very close to where I am staying (and in…


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the first 48

So, I have a rather irrational fear of public transportation. Not because I think it is unreliable or because the masses use it, but because I have extremely limited experience with it. That made arriving into Lyon airport with obscene amounts of luggage, not speaking the language very well, and needing to then take a train and a metro to get to my hotel for the first night, rather nerve-wracking. But I am getting ahead of myself; first I…


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Bienvenue à Paris

Je suis arrivée!

After a sleepless night and a day of traveling, I have reached my final destination: Paris. I arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport this morning, where a shuttle was waiting to take me and a few other students who had also just arrived to our campus for a quick briefing on the week’s events for orientation. We were handed some maps, a few metro tickets to get started with, and some other papers. Shortly after, we were transported to our own residences- in…


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Less than a week after arriving in Perth, Kurt and I drove North to his family's home in Geraldton. We left around 5 am; I was planning on sleeping the majority of the way but ended up talking with Kurt from start to finish. Oh how happy I am that I didn't sleep! The drive was absolutely gorgeous the entire way! At about six, the sun peaked out to illuminate the rolling green hills of farm land. It was one of the most serene experiences of my life. It felt like we were the only two people…


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Cambridge, week 1.



So far we’ve spent a week in Cambridge.  With all the incredible scientific accolades this place has generated, you’d think knowledge was simply absorbed here, rather than studied for.  Well I’m not sure if that’s the case for the actual students, but it certainly isn’t for the majority of us in the UCD summer bis1o1.  5 days/week, 6 hours per day is intense, not to mention none of us really want to study after class, or at least I don’t, so I’ve found solace from the…


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The Greatest Show On Earth...

The Greatest Show On Earth.


            Without Mendel, the appreciation of genetics, or even biology, would arguably be less profound than it currently is.  This is merely my contention, but I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the importance of Mendel’s contributions to, and subsequent discoveries within, the field of biology.  Rapid scientific/technological advances have enabled us to study aspects of heredity far beyond the superficial,…


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Summary of Brno...



My expectations of Brno reflected my (poor) knowledge of the Czech Republic; all I knew about the Czech Republic was images of Prague, as well as the generalized notion that it was heavily influenced by Russian everything.  Clearly I was wrong when I arrived, then again I have no clue what anything in Russia is like, so I suppose I wasn’t entirely wrong.  Anyhow, Vienna left a strong impression on me as far as infrastructure, but Vienna…


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Cultural Excursion #3 (07/18/13)

This by far may be the most interesting/exhilarating cultural excursion we’ve had so far. We started the day off by visiting the War Museum and I learned quite a bit about the Korean War. After we joined another tour group to go to the DMZ. We passed checkpoints on the bus where South Korean soldiers would walk in to check our clothing (dress code: no sleeveless shirts, long pants, and closed-toe shoes). At the next checkpoint they took a quick look at our passports. There were many rules we…


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Paris, the city of love and amazing food

We spent 2 days in Paris, and those two days were not enough. The food, the sights, the ambiance was just incredible! Only breakfast was provided by the program, but Paris style breakfast was nothing compared to Cambridge's huge breakfasts from the week before. Breakfast in Paris consists of toast and butter, and maybe some marmalade. Instead, I thought I'd find my own delicious food. And it was worth every penny!


Chocolate croissant and "large" coffee. They…


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Goodbye Mendel, hello Cambridge

We've just arrived in Cambridge, but I want to talk a little about Brno before moving on to our current digs, which are amazing.

Brno is a beautiful city, situated about 90 minutes north of Vienna, 2 hours southeast of Prague.  Brno displays heavy influences from Germany and Roman occupations.  The buildings are amazing.  They're wedged up next to each other for what seems like miles.  They're on average about 30 meters high, so you can imagine the streets look like they travel…


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Internship with the Kiddos

I haven't talked about my internship yet and I wanted to for those future students doing the same program and have the option. DO IT! It was so rewarding.

If you are debating, I highly recommend it .

I worked as a teacher's assistant in a local school that had elementary through middle school kids. I personally worked with 10/11/12 year olds either in their English class, or their 'citizenship class' that was taught in English. The citizenship class covered various topics…


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Most Important Blog! (My Tips for You)

OK! I feel my best contribution with this blog would be to write some tips for future quarter abroad students. I wish I had known these things before coming. If you are going on the Spain program, or any in general, here are some things I recommend. If you want a quick list it’s here, or read on for explanations and anecdotes:

Things To Bring

Nicer clothes

 Of course this is optional, but we dress very…


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Beautiful Cambridge and delicious food!

Well, it's been a fast paced week here in Cambridge! In only about 7 days we've covered half a quarter's worth of material of Genetics and taken our first exam. Beside the downside of 12 hour class, we've seen some gorgeous and fascinating things!

As a Nutrition major, food is of utmost importance to me.  It is very exciting to me to observe how health and food go hand in hand throughout the world. I'm interested to see how the different meals of each country vary. I remember in…


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Brno, home of Mendel and the birthplace of genetics

Check my fb for updated pics:

The Schonbrenn palace is the biggest tourist attraction in Vienna, which is where we were from Thursday til Sunday.  The palace was built in 1569, I believe, and Mary Antionette's mother lived there.  It was amazing.  We only had an hour to walk around, and it takes a good day to see everything.  We didn't have time…


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