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Starting to Pack My Genes: The Travel Abroad Basics

Hello! Hallo! Hej! Hallo!

You have officially entered my page where I will be telling my stories and adventures abroad to the magical far away kingdom across the pond, and I hope you will not be disappointed. Bare with me though- I have never done one of these “blog” things before of which people speak. (Pronounced blawg for those of you are new to this too. Honestly, they missed out spelling blog a much cooler way.) This is going to be a learning experience for myself, the…


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Day -17: The Journey Begins

Today marks 17 days until I leave for my trip. As excited as I am – which is like, incomprehensible – it’s hard to believe how fast this first half of summer is going by. It feels like just yesterday I was applying to UC Davis and looking into all their study abroad programs, and now three years later I’m finally embarking on what is most likely going to be the best month and a half of my life.…


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Highlands Trip - Week 3

This week I learned more about Scottish history than I ever could have from reading a history book – from visiting Culloden Battlefield, to driving through Isle of Skye, and hearing stories of “wee people” in the glens, I feel like I have a much deeper comprehension of Scottish culture following this trip to the Highlands. Throughout all of this adventure, the idea that stuck with me the most was when Debs told us about the contrast between the official Scottish national anthem, and the…


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Week 2 in Edinburgh

My second week in Edinburgh was absolutely incredible, and I'm really beginning to love this city! Week 2 was filled with plenty "touristy" adventures, including a tour of the Edinburgh Castle, the National Museum of Scotland, and a visit to the Edinburgh magic festival. While our huge group of 20 students definitely stuck out as tourists, I didn't really mind this week because I think it's important to see the city from the lens of a tourist as well as a more immersed, long-term visitor in…


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A List of My Favorite Desserts in Seoul, South Korea

Hi All,

I would like to share some of my favorite desserts in Seoul, South Korea. I went to many Korean coffee shops and tried their most popular desserts because I love sweets. If you have a chance to go to Seoul, don't forget to try some of their delicious desserts!

1. Cheese Ice Flakes from Beansbins Coffee

2. Ice Cream Waffle from Beansbins Coffee

3. Red Beans Ice Flakes from Cafe Bonjur

4. Honey Butter Bread from Coffine Gurunaru

5. Mango Cheese…


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