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Things I´ve learned...


I´ve been slow to post for a second time, busy admiring Buenos Aires in a jet lag haze. But let me tell you a few things I´ve learned this past week: 1. that La Bistecca, an all-you-can-eat buffet in the port neighborhood Puerto Madero, is MUCH different from Hometown! Serving a…


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Well hey there!  It seems I haven't posted in a few days, thanks to the on again off again relationship I was having with my internet back at the hotel in Hydra.  However, we are now off the island and in Nafplion, and with the help of an ethernet cable, I once again am connected!


Perhaps I should rewind and summarize a little.

We had the weekend free in Hydra, and it was blissful.  On Saturday I slept in until 11 and finished up a rough draft of my essay (due…


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Alice’s Day

My first weekend in Oxford and already I’ve attended a city-wide festival! If you haven’t heard already, today was Alice’s Day in Oxford, a day to celebrate the story of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Although most of the events were designed for kids, it was still a lot of fun to see locals and tourists actively engaging themselves with the settings that inspired Carroll to create Wonderland and its characters. So stretch your legs and take my hand as I give you a whirlwind breakdown…


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"Nobody can explain anything which is unique. One can describe, worship, and adore."

Yesterday (Friday) was another busy day here in Hydra.  We got to wake up a little later to head down by the port for our fieldtrip to the local navy museum, which had old uniforms, weapons, maps and documents, photographs, ship pieces and artifacts, and some really amazing model ships.  I wish I could have taken pictures, but unfortunately it wasn't allowed.  The tour was self-guided, so we went through pretty quickly in under an hour and headed back to the hotel to have class at 11.  We've…


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This Post was supposed to happen yesterday...

Hey again all!

This adventure is feeling more and more surreal the longer I stay here.  I wake up and forget sometimes where I am and how amazing this country and experience has been.


Sleeping in the new hotel wasn't too bad last night.  I decided to do some reading and go to sleep early in order to have more energy for tomorrow.  The bed is pretty hard (like sleeping on a wooden board, with springs in it) but I slept a lot better than I thought.  The sheet felt like…


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Will the real Greece please stand up? (Hydra, day one)

This morning I woke up in Glyfada and tonight I will fall asleep in Hydra! 

First I have to apologize for no post yesterday.  Other than class, I didn't really do much besides laundry and packing, and I wasn't feeling great all day.  I even had to leave the restaurant at dinner without eating because I felt too sick!  I was feeling very homesick yesterday and missing my boyfriend a lot...which is why I think I was sick.  But after a night of sleep I was feeling much better and ready…


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First Day

Happy Independence Day! It's Monday, the first day of class, and what a day it was! I began my first full day in Oxford bright and early by heading to the Dining Hall at Jesus College where I helped myself to my first ever English breakfast.



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Happy Independence Day--Delphi Trip


First off, Happy 4th of July!  I nearly missed it here in Greece…no fireworks or flags here!  But I can’t complain because looking out at the beach from my room’s balcony really is a great way to spend the holiday.

                Another exhausting day today (I am beginning to sound like a broken record) in which we drove roughly 3 hours to Delphi to see the ruins and museum there, then headed down for a late but amazing lunch, and 3 hours back to…


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Check-In Day

Greetings! It's Sunday, the 3rd of July, the day before my study abroad program, Oxford: Portal to Fantasy, begins; I'm so excited, but so jet-lagged! With my heavy luggage, I was ready to take a power nap at Oxford University but imagine how surprised I was when I entered my dorm room at Jesus College and found a big, spacious, single room with lovely views outside my window. To my left down the road lies Cornmarket Street where St. Michael of the North Gate Cathedral stands strong and…


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Shop Till You Drop!

Today we had another day off and I decided to go with my roommate Anna, Julia, and Hillary back to downtown Athens to shop at the Plaka. It is a pretty touristy area tucked away so you hardly remember you are in the city anymore. It feels like an Italian or Spanish villa, with rows of restaurants, lush vine-like trees/plants, and narrow cobble streets (no cars back there!) Many of the shops sell typical tourist items so we did a lot of comparison shopping to try and get the best prices on…


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I Dream of the Acropolis

                This morning started bright and early at 6:45 am as the group of us trudged downstairs for breakfast in our sneakers and hats and set off for a day of sights and learning at the Acropolis, the National Archaeological Museum, and the New Acropolis Museum.  In all, we probably walked 10 miles (okay so I have no idea, but that’s how it felt!) and stood for about 9 hours.  By the end of it my back was hurting and my ankles were little balls of fire, but I’d say it was well worth…


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My "Wurzelbehandlung"

Every day really does bring a new experience here. Too bad there are some I would be much happier not having. I've already written about the trouble I went through when I lost my wallet, but today I had another reality check that told me not everything goes well as I would hope.



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Home is Just A Phone Call Away.

Because our Acropolis trip was moved to tomorrow, we had the day off from class today, and took full advantage of it!  I woke up pretty early, around 8, and did a little bit of homework before my roommates woke up and we headed down to breakfast at 9.  Then around 10 a large group of us headed off to the beach (while it was still somewhat cool) to soak in the sun and go for a swim.  I was hesitant at first, but I went swimming close to shore in the Aegean Sea!  It was strange because the sea…


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¡Hola Argentina!


By the time I post this first entry, I´ll be on my first trip to the Internet cafe across the street from the Hotel Ritz in Buenos Aires. It´ll be roughly 40 degrees outside, according to the Continental Airlines weather experts and I´ll be wearing three coats to try to get used to the not-Davis/Central Valley heat. (Yes, I was aware of the season change between…


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