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It's a Beach Life

I woke up a little earlier today than I had the previous two days, because the room was so hot and it made me feel sick.  However, after getting dressed and eating another nice continental breakfast at the hotel, I felt much better.  It still couldn't keep me from feeling a little tired in class though!

Today in class we learned about 7000 years of Greek history, from the Minoans to modern day.  The thing that stood out the most was how tumultous and complicated the Greek existance…


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First Class, the Temple of Poesidon (on strike!), and Octopus?

Blog Post 6/29/11


Before I begin rambling about all my exciting adventures thus far, let me include a brief update of progress on the LIST OF IMPORTANT THINGS:

                --getting the internet to work:  I seriously think my computer has something wrong with it.  I haven’t been able to get internet all day!  Although my phone has worked occasionally, every time I try to connect with my computer it says there is something wrong with the computer’s network drives or…


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Oh lá lá, Paris...

Last Wednesday, I had the last of my in-class presentations. I won't go into detail here about how it went. If you really want to know, feel free to ask me personally, but to quickly summarize: it went terribly. Afterwards, I desperately needed a vacation, so I was very glad to be on my way to Paris with my friend Alex!



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At Laaaaaaasssst!

I have never run a marathon, but I think I can sympathize with those who have; this past day and a half I have spent 4 hours sleeping and the remainder sitting, walking, carrying heavy bags, and trying to figure out where I am and what is going on (also, what time is it?  Clock says 5pm, body says 7am, or maybe 10am?  Or maybe, PLEASE JUST LET ME SLEEP!).  But...I made it!

My flight left Sacramento at 12:30 am on Monday the 27th (mine and the boyfriend's 22 monthiversary :P) and I…


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The Day Before...

The day for me to leave for Greece is tomorrow. I haven't finished unpacking from my trip to Hong Kong, let alone pack for Greece! But it's all the same. By the time you come to your 3rd time packing to leave the country, everything is just the same o' process. Make a checklist (or skip that), push things to a corner of your room, and start stuffin. 


Looking beyond the stuffing and the packing, I am still super stoked to go out of the country. I have never been to Greece and…


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The Adventure Begins (or maybe something a little less dramatic...no, it's really that dramatic)

I officially leave for Greece tonight (ok, actually tomorrow at 12:30 am, but I have to start driving to the airport tonight), which means the last of my nights sleeping on the most uncomfortable futon ever are over!  What's not as awesome is the fact that I will then spend exactly 24 hours traveling (I arrive in Greece at 10:30 am the next day, June 28th.  However, Greece is 10 hours ahead of Cali time, so that means 12:30 am on the 28th.  I haven't taken math since junior year of high…


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Meat Pies, Windmills and Pastries: Going Abroad to the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark



Well, it's my last Sunday in the USA for a whole year. Wow, I never really thought I'd ever say that.


My parents moved to Denmark in February 2009, in the middle of my second year at UC Davis. My dad had been in the application process for a few months, so I knew that they were going to move, but it was still a major adjustment with them moving to a different continent so many miles…


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My Year Abroad in Paris, France

Here's a link to my blog in case you happen to be interested in the mind of a student who has just spent a year abroad in Paris, France (best decision of my life, by the way):



Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about studying abroad. It's a big decision but definitely worth it!

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It appears I have seriously neglected this blog for the past several weeks. This was never my intention, but sometimes, life just gets so busy. I know I have friends and family that want to know what has been happening as of late, but the truth is, not a whole lot has happened lately that has been blog-worthy. Instead, I'll just give some highlights of my life as of late.



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