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PingXi Field Trip!

Today was an amazing day! it is always very nice to have a group field trip with everyone in the quarter abroad program and even the people from TIGP! I think it was nice that professor Schore was able to join us before he left!

The day was amazing. I had a great time taking pictures of the beautiful scenery! The waterfall is pretty. Having never been to yellow stone park before..I think this satisfied me! =D

Then off to sky lantern making! Oh my gosh, first time making a sky…


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Taipei Zoo and Ping Xi

On saturday we all went to the zoo. It was an interesting trip...surprisingly it was sunny for the first time in a long long time (I have not seen the sun for about two weeks in Taiwan!). With the sun beating down on us and little kids running around, I'd say the trip to the zoo was...hectic and slightly fun at the same time. The animals were interesting to look at; however, it's always sad to see them in a cage and not taken care of properly. On the bright side...they had PANDAS! The pandas…


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So many little time!

Sorry for not posting regularly...I've been swamped with reports left and right an havent been able to go out and do some fun things! Though, tomorrow once we turn in our lab report a bunch of us are gonna go out and eat a nice lunch! Also, this weekend is our group trip to Pinxi! I'm excited for it hehe.

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Wildlife majors have the most fun!

It's been a truly fantastic week. Sure, I've had midterms and papers, but I've really enjoyed life.

This past weekend I went whitewater rafting on the South Fork of the American River and it was a total blast. Taking a day to get away and appreciate the natural beauty is one of the greatest gifts in life.

I'm also solidifying my plans for the next few months--which are going to be insane and TONS of fun. To put in mildly, I'll have walked on every continent by January 2014 (6…


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Choosing the Right Hostel

Hostels are a great way to save money for budget travelers. They can be really fun. They can also be traumatic. I wrote an article for, a student travel website, about what to look for in your hostel search.Check it out if you get a chance!

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Getting Job Done

I typed this shorter after I finished a huge drug project that was due this week. It feels good to be done! Earlier this week the whole group went to see StarTrek with all the TAs and Professors! It was a fun experience! The movie turned out to be a lot better than I thought, having never seen any of the StarTrek movies or shows! But anyways, I have realized that we do not have much time left in Taiwan anymore! Eek! The busy week just makes time move super fast. I am having mixed feeling of…


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The Countdown Begins

Hello, new followers! As you can see, I'm starting a blog for my upcoming summer abroad in Cairo, Egypt. My program officially begins on June 18th and I fly out in less than a month - I couldn't be more excited! For those of you who don't know, I'm majoring in International Relations and Psychology at UC Davis with a minor in Middle East and South Asia Studies. I hope to attend law school and go on to practice international law and…


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Japan & Wifi

I think i mentioned this in every single one of my posts just because I definitely want to make sure that it is known that Japan doesn't have wifi !! However, there are some few places that does offer wifi such as your school campus :D However, at ICU it was made mainly for iphone rather than android so in the end I couldn't really get internet on my phone. It worked on my friends' phones though so I guess it just depends. I had a Samsung Galaxy S3 at the time just fyi. The main reason as to…


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Movies in Taiwan!

So, we have one lab report and a huge drug project due next week and what does everyone decide to do today...well of course it's to go to the movies! Everyone met at the Miramar movie theaters and we all went to watch the new Star Trek movie. Apparently, movies that are from the US premiere earlier here in Asia...lucky! Overall, the movie was good and it was nice to sort of relax before having to start our projects. Sadly, now it's time to go back to work!

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Getting a cellphone in Japan

Phone Companies

From the perspective of an international student, the top 3 phone companies in Japan are Docomo, Softbank and Au. I have heard that before all 3 companies offered prepaid phone but apparently many criminals used it for illegal transaction ( I don't know how ) so as of now only Softbank offer the prepaid plan.  You must have your gaijin or resident card aka green looking card you received at the airport  in order to purchase the phone. …


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Time flies!

This week has been so hectic with projects, lab classes, and research. However through all of this it made me stop and think...and realized that I had only three more weeks until the end of the quarter! (plus another two weeks of traveling) For once in my college career, I don't wan't this quarter to end!

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Conquering the JR

Getting Direction:

I must admit that the moment I landed in Japan I had a friend that helped me figured out which train to take and how to get home. If you will be traveling a lot, I am certain that you will be able to figure out the map pretty quickly but if not have no fears, Google Map is an amazing tool to have. However, this might be very surprising for some of you who are reading this but many of us ( including myself) assumed that Japan would have wifi…


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Suica & Pasmo, the magic cards that will take you everywhere in Tokyo ( Suica - watermelon -green) ( Pasmo - pink ) Additional Info on the cards & tickets 

If you are visiting Japan a few years ago there might have been some differences between these two…


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Money Money Money

Although I did not keep track everyday of how much money I spent in Japan, here is record of some of my expenses when  was in Japan, let me know if you have any questions :D. I spent most of my money on food and traveling ^^. 

Expenses ( below is an example of one of the pictures , the link to the left has it all )…


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Travel that Changes - "Thin Places"

Eric Weiner, travel writer, foreign correspondent for NPR, and writer of The Geography of Bliss, wrote this article in The New York Times. thin-places-where-we-are-jolted-out-of-old-ways-of-seeing-the-world.

In this article, Weiner does a…


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Ghibli Movies

Spent the last 3 months studying about him and his movies they are amazing ;] 

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Hot Springs and CHE 135

So before our hell week began, some of us took a trip to the hot springs yesterday! There were three hot springs and each one was a different temperature. Sadly, I could only handle the second level..but in the end I got a headache from the heat and had to sit out for a while. Overall, it was an interesting and relaxing experience.

Today, we started CHE 135 which is an organic synthesis lab class. The space in the lab is really cramped, but I am excited to start working on…


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Hot Springs!

Today I went to the hot springs and it was definitely a very rewarding experience!

Since I love saunas and love the heat..Hot spring was a must go for me!

Then afterwards we went to eat steak! It is mother's day after all!

So in celebration, I got lamb chops =)

This will be our little celebration/break before the week of hecticness begins for us with lab and class every day next week!

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Travel Candy

Itching from the travel bug? These travel videos can help provide some temporary relief while you plan your next trip.

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Literature Reports

This week has been so swamped with work! These past few days have consisted of me working in lab and working on my literature report for CHE 130B. I'm glad to say that it is all done with and the only thing left for the class is the computational report which wil

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