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German Uni

Hallo Studenten/innen!

My favorite part about studying in Germany is that there is no homework, no participation points and no attendance list. That being said, when all of your classes are taught in German, you have to go to class! The down side to all of this, although it does sound pretty sweet, is that I only have one or two things being graded for each class: presentations and essays IN GERMAN that are worth my entire grade.

I have a presentation coming up…


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"Made in Taiwan"

The all too familiar phrase can be found seemingly anywhere - on clothing, electronics, and even on the underside of kid's meal toys: "Made in Taiwan"

The phrase, and the country along with it, is all too often associated with mediocre quality products that don't leave an impression. 

This blog is here to change that.

I am not made in Taiwan. My parents are and so are my grandparents - my heritage is made in Taiwan. As a child, I found myself frequently visiting the…


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First blog/ Reflections

Hey guys! This is my first time posting an entry on this site. I actually have my own blog through , where I post semi-regularly. Here's a link:

Anyway, since I just joined the Aggie Abroad Network, I thought it might be cool to add a blog on here too! I know it's a little late since I only have about a month left, but here it goes.

It's difficult to reflect back on all…


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