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Another Group Outing!

So on Monday we had a group gathering with the new professor! 

The restaurant was unique due to the architecture! The food is good too, not the best in the world but still delicious. 

Overall it was a fun experience and a fun group outing~ looking forward for more group outings to come!…


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Hey, guys! My name's Britt. I'm participating in the 2013 Shakespeare-Live! program.

London is a few months away. If the quarter system has taught me anything, it's that time flies. Looking forward to this trip is only going to speed up the gap between now and departure. So far, the Summer Abroad people have kept the students well-informed about what to do when and where. What I want to do is keep a sort of running list of things that I have done or will do to get ready to leave (some…


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Five Dime and Start of 130B

On Monday, my labmates took me out to eat at a beef noodle soup restaurant. The outing for lunch was really fun because we drived there!! You don't understand how much I miss my car. In Davis, whenever I was hungry, I would just hop into my car and go get something to eat. In Taiwan though, I would have to walk all the way out to the Main Street and then take a bus and metro to get something good to eat. I mean...the places by campus are cheap and delicious but you can only eat it so many times… Continue

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SYS, CKS Memorial, and Random Festival

     Yesterday was eventful. After class we headed out to the SYS memorial hall which was made in remembrance of Taiwan's founder and first president Sun Yat-sen. The memorial hall was beautiful and we also made it in time for the changing of the guards. Watching the changing of the guards was pretty cool, but the experience was sort of ruined by a large group of chinese tourist. Long story short, I was in the front when the changing of the guards started and after being pushed, shoved,…


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I have to write to my teacher about things I notice about Spain for homework, and this was one recent nugget that I gave her.

Like other students on this trip, I am making my way in Madrid on a fairly tight budget- to come here was a splurge in itself.  Thus, meal planning has been a bit of a struggle for me. Thankfully, there is a DIA right around the corner of my house, and I have noticed several things about buying food and cooking at home on a budget in Madrid.  Firstly, it…


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Woah! Week 4 (of school at least) is over! I have finished Spanish 1 and passed with flying colors, and am moving quickly into Spanish 2.  First test on Monday!

Last weekend I had the AMAZING experience of being able to go to Porto & Guimaraes, which are in the beautiful country of Portugal! It really is an unforgettable place- the red tile roofs are burned in your retinas forever.  In a good way!  The people were friendly, the food and drinks were good, and the sights were…


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Week Four: Fleas and Deer

Finally found piano! Success! I miss all the hobbies I could easily have access to back home. I miss being able to just pick up my shamisen or sit down at any piano and being able to just play away. It’s these little things that you don’t realize you will miss until you are continents away from them. Anyway, the location of this instrument is above the cafeteria on the 2nd floor once you walk past Family Mart and hit the other set of stairs. Look right and you will cry tears of…


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Sunny Day!

Today (finally) It is not constantly pouring! So we went to Ximen and shopped and ate as usual. I really wish we can go to the zoo! But too bad, it seems like tomorrow will be pouring...so I guess that means no zoo =( On a brighter note, we are planning to go to the hot springs on Sunday! WOO I am so excited for that!

Also, tomorrow is the start of chem130B, excited but hopefully I will enjoy it like I did for che130A =)

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One class down, two to go!

This week has been busy! Here's a breakdown of what happened. Monday was our final for CHE 130A and Tuesday was our group presentation. Overall the class felt like a blur and time flew by quickly. However, it was nice to just have to focus on one class. On Wednesday, some of us went to National Taiwan University to eat lunch and look at the campus. The campus was so nice! It reminded me of UC Davis...they had bikes almost everywhere! (not as much as Davis though). After we got off the bus at…


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Unfinished Business

Now that I'm back from studying abroad and settling back into home life, I'm finally able to arrange my thoughts, sit down and write up. And it might be for the better this way. The memories of everyday events aren't as fresh anymore, but the feelings are still there. I've had time to think things over. To contemplate and reflect on all the events that happened abroad. I hope that by giving myself a little time, I'll be able to write more coherent posts with deeper meaning on top of…


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Almost the end of 130A

It felt good finishing the 130A final with Professor Kurth! After the final, we ate cheap 5NT dumplings with him after class. It will be sad to see him leave, I personally thought he was fun and entertaining. ALso, yesterday, we took the free shuttle bus to NTU. Boy, that campus reminded me of Davis! NtU is a beautiful campus and I can defintely feel the college campus life enviornment there! I might be slightly homesick? Maybe, I do miss home cooking and Davis! =) Nonetheless, I still like… Continue

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Week Three: Ninjas and Sushi... how dare you scoff at my creativity! Read what I did! How else would you title this thing?! Comment below. Please. Make my day.

Manga Museum-Yoshinoya-Quickly's

I am not that interested in manga to be quite honest. Sure I read my share of Shonen Jump and Sailor Moon as a kid and I slept with a Pikachu or three but I am by no means an otaku. This place had a large variety but I was unable to find any of the mangas I am interested in but I am sure if you are into anything written in the past 5 years you should be fine ( I have an odd liking for the old mangas :P)Yoshinoya for lunch was so good. Beef bowl that…


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Claw machines.

So I have recently developed an obsession of playing claw machines. It all started a couple days ago when we all went to the super market and they had claw machines. So I took a stab at it and well...I WON not once but twice from under less than 4 tries. Let me note that the claw machines in Taiwan are alot cheaper than the ones in the US (one play is only 33 cents). After the first trip to the claw machines, we all took another trip to the supermarket and of course we played the claw…


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Busy week

Haven't updated for a while! Due to homework, lab, and tests! But other than that, I realized I have been in Taiwan for three weeks now and I am definitely enjoying my time here. Though the only complaint I have is the lack of good food around our school campus that is walkable!! Sometimes I wish I have a car here and just drive to places. Even though transportation is really convenient, it is indeed time consuming! But then again, that's just me being really lazy. =)

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So sorry for the lack of blog posts. I have been occupied for the last three days with classes, projects and lab. A bit of an update about lab. Yesterday I was invited to eat lunch with my lab mates and was also treated to lunch! It was fun talking to everyone and just hanging out. Though most of them didnt speak english but my grad student helped by being a translator. Also everyday this week when I go to lab one of my lab mates gives me a pastry that he made. The reason is that his dream is… Continue

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Taipei 101 and Maokong Gondola


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Group outings

This weekend has been a blast! We had two outings with the whole group this weekend! First, on saturday, our taiwan abroad group went to the top of Taipei 101! Thank god it was not cloudy! We can see pretty far luckily. Then afterwards, Dr. Kurth took us to Din Tai Fung! As always, I love this restaurant and its dumplings!

Then on Sunday, we went to ride the gondola and saw some pretty amazing scenery and tea places on the mountain sides. Then afterwards, we had pizza! It felt weird…


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Don't act like a bakagaijin (stupid foreigner) in Japan; be respectful!

So it's been a little while since my previous post in here, but I'm hoping this will be of interest to people out there and I'll make up my delay by posting an additional post sometime mid-week.

This time around, I'll talk about respect as revealed through the Japanese language.

Most everyone knows that Japanese people are generally very respectful individuals and highly value respect. Japanese people do not only show respect through their action, but through their words as well, just… Continue

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Aches and Groans

Second full week in Madrid is gone!  This is flying by.  As time goes by things are getting more familiar and comfortable- the walk to the Metro, getting to know my classmates, and how to shop effectively at the market without bringing home 50% baked goods.  (This is seriously a problem. Baked goods are out of this world. I had the best donut of my life this morning.) 

Week Two has brought some interesting sights and experiences, but I think I am not challenging myself enough in terms…


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Week Two: Too many Tori Gates not enough Niku

At around the second week you will begin to enjoy the convenience that is the nearby 711. A short evening walk brings you to this wonderful store that is open 24hrs. Whether you've been studying for 8 hours straight and suddenyl are overwhelmed by the munchies or simply forgot to do your groceries before LIFE closed, this store is a life saver.

Fushimi Inari Shrine/Torii Gates/ Tofukuji Temple

The place is just screaming to be made into some insane marathon. Bajillions of…


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