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Health Care

I wanted to write you guys a little blurb about the health care we receive abroad.  I am not sure how it is in other countries, but I am sure that it is the same quality.  I recently was just in the hospital for a week with Pneumonia.  I was terrified.  I had never had to stay over night in a hospital before and I was away from home and my family to put the cherry on top. 

In Barcelona we have to go to a certain hospital that accepts our insurance: Clinica Tres Torres.  The…


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Sixth e-mail sent to friends and family at home

Hello again to everyone!


So in my last letter I told you that I was going to Berlin and Prague for Spring break so here goes!


Okay, the week before I left, I had a friend come to stay with me for her Spring break from UCD.  We had a blast.  Did all the fun touristy stuff and spent time together that we had missed very much.  Because my friend was here, I could not leave until Saturday (March 31).  All of my other friends left on Thursday or Friday. …


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Fifth e-mail to friends and family at home

Hello my wonderful people whom I love!


So I have been back from home for about 2 months now.  Tracie was right in saying that second semester everything comes together.  I have made life long friends with my California friends whom I live with now and great Spanish friends for the moment.  One of my friends from UCD is playing baseball for the Barcelona team and has introduced us to all of his friends.  We have been having so much fun.  I am also enjoying my work and…


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Fourth e-mail sent to friends and family at home

Hi Everyone!


Finally back for the fourth time.  Sorry it has taken me so long to write you all again.  With being home and finals, I haven’t had time to sit down and give you my update J.  But I am back in Spain and done with finals, so I decided to write you guys again! So here goes…


Lets begin with December 2, 2011.  On this day I left for the Spanish city of Madrid.  While I was in Cadiz, I made a really good friend named Sarah and she is currently studying…


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Third e-mail sent to family and friends at home

Hi for the third time!

The last you heard was that my parents and my sister Tracie were coming yay!  My mom and dad arrived the evening of October 5.  I went to pick them up at the airport and when I saw them walk out of the arrival gate, I could not help but tear up.  It had been 3 months since I had seen them last, so being able to finally hug them was a dream come true.  We took a taxi into the city and found their apartment that my mom found.  When we walked in I was shocked,…


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Second e-mail sent to friends and family at home

Hello again!

So this is the second e-mail I have sent you all keeping you updated on my trip :).  The last you heard is that I was having an amazing time in the south of Spain in Cádiz.  On August 11 we had the most amazing dinner I have ever had.  It was a goodbye dinner that they school paid for :).  It was at least $70 per person if I had to guess with all the food and wine we got. They first brought us out appetizers that would blow your mind.  Fresh salmon, jamon iberica, fresh…


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First e-mail to friends and family

Hello Everyone!

Just thought that I would send an e-mail to everyone to give you an update about what has been going on.  At the moment I am in Cádiz, a little city in the south of Spain.  The place that I am staying is in a little plaza across from a beautiful cathedral and right behind that is the ocean.  I am currently in the dorms, but when I eventually get to Barcelona I will be in an apartment with Spanish girls so that I can be speaking in Spanish all day every day.…


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Teaching English

This past week was my first time volunteering in a fourth grade classroom in the outskirts of Firenze.  I am teaching an English class for an hour and a half each week, and after my first day there I cannot wait to return.  The school is a short ten-minute tram ride away, but it’s a very different Firenze than I am used to seeing.  Busy roads cut up the neighborhoods, and there are not hoards of people crowding the streets like I am used to in the city center.  Gates surround the school,…

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Tuscan Towns

The differences between Firenze and small towns in Toscana are gargantuan; the disparity of Italian personality is instantly apparent.   This past week, a few other girls and I went to Ashley’s family’s house in Massarossa.  It is a small, traditional Italian town and we were able to get a glimpse into the lives of the Tuscan people.  We stayed at her grandparent’s apartment in the town, which was in walking distance to a grocery store, pizzeria and a bar.  The apartment was above the…

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Aggie Alum Expat in Cairo


Feel free to read my blog for more posts like these from Cairo!…


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April 23 - Dia de Sant Jordi

Today was Dia de Sant Jordi here in Barcelona. The only way I can describe the holiday is by trying to ask you to imagine someone that has a blender that mixes holidays, and instead of mixing the obvious choice of Halloween and Thanksgiving, Catalonia mixes July Fourth with Valentine's Day. If you want to read more, I wrote about it in my blog, and here is a link.…


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Huelga General (Mar 29th 2012)

On March 29th, a general strike or "Huelga General" erupted across Spain. With a flight scheduled to Berlin the same day, I was forced to change my flight to the Wednesday before due to a pilot's strike that grounded roughly 75% of flights out of Barcelona. As a student from Davis, I like to think that I'm pretty well-versed in the area of protests and strikes, but the events that unfolded on March 29th really opened my eyes to the possibilities, and inevitable hypocrasies of large-scale…


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