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A Small Excerpt from my UC Davis Summer Abroad Vienna Blog

These are a few brief blog posts from when I was in the Alps :)



Although we had a thunderstorm the night before, it was completely sunny for our hikes on Thursday! Along the path are little houses, where you can stop to order food/beer and can sleep at if you need to. The first house was called Otto House, probably (although I'm not sure) after the Otto's who ruled over the Holy Roman Empire from 912-1002. I made it to the second house, called "Neue…


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Brazil como eu te amo.

This is the website for all my adventures when i was in Brazil, it was an amazing, crazy, educational, and fun time! I cant believe it was only 2 months ago, but i cant wait to go back and to other places as well!



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Our last night in Greece

I wrote this in the Athens International Airport on the last day of my study abroad in Greece last summer. I had to do it while it was still fresh in my mind to capture the feeling. Enjoy :)


We walked to the beach for the last time. It was after midnight; it was warm with a slight breeze as you got closer to the ocean. We crossed the street and the TPAM tracks and headed for the water. As soon as I saw the ocean, I could tell that something special was waiting. It was not…


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Spanish Adventures!

This is my blog from studying in Spain, Spring 2010.




Going back soon, can't wait!! :D



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Great adventures inspire poetry!


Travelers in Greece

I leave in the morning

Excited and scared

Hoping I’m ready

And that I’m prepared


We drive to the airport

It’s a tearful…


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Down the Road

I've been going to the same pub since I arrived in Madrid. I like the people that come in and out; I like how the lighting borders on darkness; I like how they let me sit in my corner, with my Guinness, writing stories on their napkins. I've made friends here and the family I live with couldn't be more warm and gracious, but these are the times I know I'm going to remember most: alone, in my pub, in my city, is where I feel the most alive. It is here where I feel happy; it is here where I…


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A Spanish Journey: Beginnings

Does this have to end? Everyone I talked with before leaving for Spain told me that studying abroad would change my life; I heard it so many times that I started becoming a bit skeptical of such a thing happening to me. Now that I'm months into this experience, I feel sorry for the old me. My first two years at UCD were just as incredible as I'd hoped college would be—good friendships; good professors; a nice Davis pace—but there was something missing; everything seemed to be going…

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