Meet Fransisca,
A kakchiquel speaking, indigenous Mayan mother. I met her and her family on my first day in Guatemala and since then their spirits really put my reality into perspective; really put my problems into perspective. Every day they would welcome me into their home always conversing and learning about one another. Showing me how she makes her traditional clothing and giving me insight on her culture. As I sat down in their house one day, she brought out a painting that she had made for me to bring home, and that’s when I looked around at the dirt floor, no doors, no roof and thought to myself - I can’t believe they still find the space to be so generous. I asked to take her photo and her smile radiated as she ran across the room to get her necklaces and to walk to her storefront. These are my constant reminders. These are the little things that keep me in check. These are the lifestyle qualities I want to share. These are the new eyes I have gained from living and working in Guatemala. Everyday, I am surrounded by so many smiles and positive attitudes here. People are grateful for what they have and hopeful for the future. It is a reminder to please be more conscious about what you call a problem. To be more conscious about what you complain about.

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