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International Education Week (IEW)

Photo Contest 2018

Share your photos with your friends, family and the UC Davis community through the Aggies Abroad NetworkWe encourage you to add photos anytime, all year round. However, in October, we will be collecting photos to display for International Education Week.

Detailed instructions and guidelines are below, but the gist: (1) Submit photos taken by you while you are abroad or while you are doing an international-related activity in the USA; (2) have your pictures featured on Instagram and around campus.

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Who May Enter


What to Enter

You may post up to 5 photos.

IMPORTANT: when you upload your photo(s) there will be an option for 'tagging'; tag the photos you want in the contest as 'IEWcontest2018'.


The photos you submit for the contest should capture an international experience and represent the ideals of international education:

  • People & Culture
  • Academic Learning
  • Global Citizenship or Service
  • Preference to photos with students in them (not just landscapes or buildings)

s and Instructions

  1. When uploading photos you will have the option of including a title, location, and a caption/description; please fill in this information.
  2. For photos you want included in the contest, all you need to do is tag your photos with 'IEWcontest2018'.
  3. Please submit high resolution JPEG (.jpgs) files of at least 2 megabytes (2048x1536 pixels)

Photo Submission Deadline

Deadline: October 19, 2018

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