UC Davis Study Abroad Photo Contest: Finalists

Congratulations to all Study Abroad Photo Contest finalists!

Voting is open to the public for 2 weeks.

Voting Deadline: Wednesday, November 16th.

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Belle by Azrael Nickens

“The gorgeous Alta Acqua Libreria Bookstore in Venice, Italy.”


Joy by Ana Skomal

“Climbing a palm tree on the grounds of an ancient temple. I was feeling pure happiness at the fact that I was actually in India.”


Kirstenbosch Garden by Tu Nguyen

“Classmates exploring South Africa's most beautiful botanical garden, located at the foot of Table Mountain.”


Watching over Budapest by Nikhil

“Watching over Budapest.”


Sunrise Aoraki by Jason Lin

“Aoraki (or Mt. Cook) is the highest mountain in New Zealand. When we arrived at Mt. Cook village, we were completely snowed in. It wasn't the worst; with four of us being Californians, the snow was super fun to play with. Unfortunately we didn't get to do our planned hike though. Instead, we woke up early the next morning to do a short hike as the sun rose behind us. This is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.”


Virgen de Carmen festival by Jessica Almaraz

“One of the last trips of our summer abroad was to a festival in honor of Virgen de Carmen. There was a long parade consisting of many dance groups, each with their own unique costumes and dances. This is only one of the many groups present.”


Collecting Clouds by Matthew Joachim

“Toledo, Spain.”

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