UC Davis Study Abroad Photo Contest: Finalists

Congratulations to Robert Dellinger on winning the 2018 Study Abroad Photo Contest!

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Extroverted Explosions of Tomorrow by Ricardo Martinez

Study Abroad Program: UCEAP Brazil Year-Long

An unforgettable moment in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, with hundreds of thousands Brazilians and foreigners, in land and sea, welcoming 2018.”


Crocodile by Angela Wu

Study Abroad Program: UC Davis Internships Abroad, South Africa

"Infectious Diseases and Hospital Medicine"

We visited PheZulu Safari Park and got to see so many amazing reptiles.”


A Peacock in Porto by Keonhee Kim

Study Abroad Program: UCEAP Spain and Italy “European Transformation”

A wild peacock spotted in Porto.”


Watching TV by Chloe Celniker

Study Abroad Program: UC Davis Summer Abroad Bhutan, “Intro to Geographic Info Systems”

Two Bhutanese boys watch TV in their house. They live on a potato farm in a remote valley. The eldest boy is the only one in his family who knows English.”


Meet Francisca by Robert Dellinger

Study Abroad Program: UC Davis Summer Abroad, Guatemala

“Ecological and social Issues at Lake Atitlan”

Meet Francisca, A kakchiquel speaking, indigenous Mayan mother. I met her and her family on my first day in Guatemala and since then their spirits really put my reality into perspective—really put my problems into perspective. Every day they would welcome me into their home always conversing and learning about one another, showing me how she makes her traditional clothing, and giving me insight on her culture. As I sat down in their house one day, she brought out a painting that she had made for me to bring home, and that’s when I looked around at the dirt floor, no doors, no roof and thought to myself - I can’t believe they still find the space to be so generous. I asked to take her photo and her smile radiated as she ran across the room to get her necklaces and to walk to her storefront. These are my constant reminders. These are the little things that keep me in check. These are the lifestyle qualities I want to share. These are the new eyes I have gained from living and working in Guatemala. Every day, I am surrounded by so many smiles and positive attitudes here. People are grateful for what they have and hopeful for the future. It is a reminder to please be more conscious about what you call a problem. To be more conscious about what you complain about.” 

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