I'm studying abroad this summer in Barcelona, Spain for the first time. I don't really know what to expect.. Nervous and excited! Nervous because i don't know anyone enrolled in the program, and excited because umm.. It's Spain!! =) 

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Hey Joanna! Thanks for posting! Before I went abroad to Europe, I also shared the same types of emotions -- although I was anxious and worrisome, I was mostly optismistic. You may not know anyone now, but during the time leading up to your program you will come to meet others who are just as excited as you are, whether they are studying in Spain or anywhere else for summer.


My advice is to keep your head up -- it's a life changing experience, and what you get out of it is what you put in it. I work at the Education Abroad Center and if you ever need anyone to talk to about what to expect, please stop by and I'll be happy to chat with you!

Spain is going to change your life--no better place (I'm there now!). Eat every possible dish you can get your hands on. The hardest thing for me would be knowing I have only 4 weeks there :) Madrid for a quarter or year, next?? Have fun, Joanna! Let me know if you have any specific questions. Also: I met some amazing friends who live in Barcelona if you ever want to venture out with the locals!

Hi Joanna! How exciting that you are soon going to embark on a summer abroad program!! Spain sounds so amazing- I've only traveled there briefly myself, but I've heard amazing things from friends who've studied abroad there. Being nervous and exciting are both common feelings! You're going to feel a mixture of emotions before your departure, especially the weeks leading up to it! But don't ever let them make you doubt your decision- it'll be fine once you actually get there! Sometimes the worst part is the wait : )


If I had any advice to add- make sure you plan and give yourself plenty of time to travel afterwards!! You'll never regret time spent traveling (maybe too short a time, if anything!) I studied abroad for a quarter in Argentina and traveled afterwards for 3 weeks- but I still felt like it wasn't enough time! And there are a ton of cool places to go in Spain- central spain/madrid, historic southern spain/andalucia, so you'll have lots of options.


Good luck and keep us updated! : )

I am excited for you! I studied abroad in Spain for a semester but somehow did not get a chance to go to Barcelona. It has been one of my biggest regrets of my study abroad experience. You should post updates on your travels so I can live vicariously through you :P


And don't be nervous because you don't know anyone. I went without knowing anyone and I made some of my best friends while there. Remember, everyone else is on the same boat as you, so people just connect easily.





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